What is service? Or, more specifically, what is good service?

Take this story as an example:

You are the customer. You ask someone to produce a piece of work for you. The person preparing the work listens intently whilst you describe what you want. Asks a few questions about what you want and relays everything back to you that you have described. Then the person asks you what you wanted and make sure they fully understand your requirements.

The person then asks when you want the information and confirms the delivery date and time with you.

At 10am on the day that you requested the information by the information is delivered to you. Perfect.

Question: is this good service or ok service?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being excellent) Think about it. What’s your answer?

8-9?  Actually, it all depends on where you’re from. Europeans would regard this as excellent service. But the real truth is, that you got exactly what you wanted on the day and time you wanted it.

Many Americans however would regard this as OK service. You got exactly what you wanted when you wanted it. You didn’t get anything more, you didn’t get anything less.

Now, this is interesting for a number of reasons.

Firstly, if delivering exactly what people want is regarded by many as good (or very good) service, then as a service provider, all you need to do is deliver what the customer wants when they want it. And your customers will love you for it.

This is because many people are conditioned to poor service. Trades people that don’t turn up when they say their going to, shop assistants behaving as if the customer doesn’t exist.

Here’s the two rules of customer service:

1. Always do what you say you’re going to do.

2. Never forget rule number 1.

What’s your experiences?

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