A lot has happened in the last 3 years. Things have changed dramatically. Banks have failed. Homes have been repossessed. Retirement and pension funds have evaporated, thanks to low interest rates and the economic climate.

Jobs are disappearing fast. Many people are asking themselves can they afford to retire since their personal portfolios have fallen by as much as 40%

In April 2007, author Tim Ferriss wrote his book The Four Hour Work Week. This has been one of my favorite books in the last couple of years.

To support the launch of the book, Tim launched the website www.fourhourworkweek.com which has since found itself in the top 1000 blogs worldwide.

Many people have gone on to share thier experiences and experiments in lifestyle design (see the video 4hww success by Geemisner and others on youtube.com) and described how they have gone on to have mini retirements and live anywhere.

To quote Tim :

The concept of lifestyle design as a replacement for multi-staged career planning is sound. It’s more flexible and allows you to test different lifestyles without committing to a 10- or 20-year retirement plan that can fail due to market fluctuations outside of your control. People are open to exploring alternatives (and more forgiving of others who do the same), as many of the other options –- the once “safe” options — have failed.

With the knowledge learnt in the last couple of years, Tim has now revised the book in an updated and expanded version with detailed case studies and updated resources for virtual asssistants and automation.

The Bigredtomatocompany.co.uk website has been created using many of the tips in the book, utilising skills of designers in Argentina and developers in Canada, for significantly lower costs than if I had had it produced locally (in the UK).

If you haven’t already read the book — or even if you have — this version contains all-new material to help you focus on the things that matter, and ruthlessly eliminate the unnecessary obligations from your life.

I strongly recommend you buy this book, it’s changed my life, it will change yours.

You can order the book directly from Amazon by clicking the image below.

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