A lot has happened over the last month on the site and I thought I’d share with you some of the highlights and also point to what’s coming up over the next week and in the month of March.

In case you’ve not already noticed, we’ve moved from posting twice a week to 3-4 times a week and correspondingly moved over 800,000 places in the Alexa rankings in the last 3 months. We have further to go.

We’ve also had 3 guest posts :

Break the mould and do it by James at theinfopreneur.net

How to Make a Difference Whilst Making Your Fortune – by Ben at 6aliens.com


How Leaving Great Comments adds to more than just the conversation by Eric at bluepop13.com

All of which have had great reaction and attracted loads of comments.

But what’s coming up?

Right, well this week being the last week of February, we’re trying a couple of interesting things….

1. Monday – What’s your problem? Readers are invited to let the readers of the Blog to solve their business problems.

2. Tuesday – Businesses you can start in your pyjamas

3. Wednesday – Wednesday Wisdom – websites to inspire

4. Friday – Guest Post by Ben Lumley – How to Make A Difference Using Twitter

March sees a big change for us as we are going to dedicate the whole month to a series of posts on making the most of your money. With many people having New Years resolutions about saving money and spending less, this is a good time to revisit these resolutions and maybe steer them back on their way.

Enjoy the posts!

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