I thought I’d wrap this week up with a quick review of what we’ve covered so far this month and also what we’re going to be talking about in the next few weeks in the March Money Month.

In the last week we’ve talked mainly about debt, the week before we looked at what it meant to be rich and what it all means.  Specifically we’ve looked at:

What it means to be rich

A book review of rich dad poor dad

The secrets of getting rich

The differences between good and bad debt and how to control bad debt

A Book review of  I will teach you to be rich

and finally, Are you going to retire rich or are you going to retire dead?

Next week we’re going to talk about controling your spending and then we’re going to cover savings and investments and lifehacking your finances.

We’re going to close the month by looking at a special challenge which you can join in with…more on this in a couple of weeks.

So, what have you done in March is Money Month? Let us know in the comments below.

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