The good news is no one gets fat overnight. Instead it slowly creeps up in a bar of chocolate here and a packet of crisps there. Not having the time to exercise after baby’s born or working longer hours or a new job.

We don’t notice these things, until one day you start to wheeze when you’re walking up stairs or your trousers feel a little tight.

Little by little change happens until it becomes a nasty shock.

So it follows that just like you can’t lose 2st/28lbs/14kg overnight, you aren’t going to suddenly find yourself with loads of money to spend each week (unlessof course you win the lottery)

So the key to having more money to spend is to work out where the hell it goes!

The good news is I’m not going to ask you to create a budget.

But what I am going to do is ask you to do one thing this week and that’s keep a spending diary.

Spending diary

If you have an iPhone go to the Appstore and download the free version of iXpensit to enter all your spending (you could get the paid version, but this is a feature on making more money, so let’s go with the free version for now).

Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPhone though, you can get the same result with 6 large envelopes and and label them up as shelter (rent, mortgage, utilities), household (tv/Internet, groceries etc), transport (car, bus, rail, taxis), fun (entertainment, going out), work (stuff for work) and other (for everything else).

Get a receipt

Now when you’re out and about get into the habit of asking for a receipt for everything. If you can’t get one then write it down what you spent the money on and how much.

So by the end of the day you will have a few receipts and if you’re using the envelope system, simply file the receipts in the appropriate envelope. And if you’re using the iPhone, then it’s simply a case of entering the details into iXpensIt. Of course if you’re super organised ‘always on’ iPhone user, then you can enter the amounts you spend as you go along (even taking photos of the receipts and attaching them to the expense record)

For the next week, rinse and repeat, tracking all your expenditure for the week.

So this is what your challenge for the rest of the week – what do you think?

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