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Guest Post by Ben Lumley

We can all improve our finances. Some of us may want to have more disposible income and a nice big balance in the savings account. So far this month Matthew has given you some amazing tips on how to improve your finances as well as create long lasting financial sercurity. What I’d like to do with this article is let you see how you can apply some of the qualities that successful people have and some of the approaches they take when they try to achieve something, to your finances. Success leaves clues Successful people in the world know that success leaves clues. They understand that by studying their past successes as well as those of others, that they will find techniques and approaches that will help them. If you want make a difference to your finances you need to identify some times when your management of money has been really good. What did you do to bring that success about? What was different then to now? You also need look at other people. What works for them? Why can your friend save money yet make less a month than you? What do they do that creates the difference?

Success leaves clues. Find them and put them in to practice.

Choose a focus Your focus in life determines your reality and that’s no different when looking at money. If you focus on how little money you have, the fact that you’re (perceived) poor, or that you’re bad at managing your finances, then guess what? You’ll be all those things.

If you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right. Henry Ford.

Your mind will focus on what ever you tell it to focus on. You need to focus on the successes and positive side of your finances or even the amounts you wish to earn or have in the bank. By focusing on the positive, you can engage more with your money management and get better results.

Set some goals You can’t achieve something in life without knowing the specifics of what you want to achieve. By saying that you want to have “loads” of money is far too vague. To say that you’d like to be financial secure is too vague. You need to be specific.

Vague expectations creating vague results.

It’s really important if you want to make a positive difference to your finances in 2010 that you get specific with what you want to achieve. Set a goal, write it down and provide yourself with lots of details. How much money do you want to have in the bank or earn? When do you want to achieve it by? What will you do with the money when you have it? Be specific. Lots of people don’t write their goals down. By writing down what you want to achieve you make a strong commitment with yourself to achieve what you said. Successful people write down their goals and constantly refer back to them. You can to.

Take action How many times in life have you wanted to do something but not achieved it? How often have you said to someone that you’d like to do x, y and z but never gotten around to doing it? It’s because you didn’t take action. If you want to make a difference to your finance you can want all you like but it wont change a single penny in your account. Wanting something is one thing. Doing something about it is something else. Once you’ve decided that you want to save a specific amount or earn a particular sum, you need to go out and make it happen. You need to put in practice the tips and techniques that Matthew has provided and watch your results change. Wanting something doesn’t create results, taking action does. Start today. Don’t put it off, because success doesn’t come quickly to those who wait.

So…. Success in anything is about the approach you have and the actions you that take. Matthew has already given you everything you need to know to improve your finances. Hopefully what you see now is that you can go out their and achieve the difference that you want to create.

What are your financial goals?

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