Brainstorming and Consulting

There’s times in our business lives where we don’t know where to turn. Sometimes, it’s a question of understanding what the next step is, other times it’s about taking your business to a new level or moving in a new strategic direction.

For that reason we’re launching a new ‘one hour brainstorming/consulting’ service to help businesses when they don’t know where to turn.

We have worked with many businesses, both large and small, from public companies to sole traders, charities and public institutions – to help them reduce costs, improve business processes, customer service and develop their business strategy.

If you’re interested in quickly and powerfully moving your business to the next level, with reduced costs, better marketing, or simply improving your business processes decide what you need help with and get in touch and book your hour.

What you get:

60 Minutes on the phone or Skype – ask me whatever you want, we’ll brainstorm together and talk through your problem(s) so you can move forward.  Calls can be recorded on request so you can listen to it later.

You can either book a single hour or multiple hours to have in one block or spread out over a few weeks.

So what are you waiting for, you can book your hour here

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