From time to time we come across great products.  Todoodlist is a great product which I thought I’d share with you; especially, if you’re the kind of person who promises that this is the year they will get organised, then this post is for you.

But, before you reach for your PDA, open your Task List in Outlook or open Things on your iPhone, read this and you may never have need to reach for them again, because Nick Cernis has a solution for you.

Nick describes himself as half geek, half new-age Luddite. He is a UK based web developer and self-confessed gadget junkie. An unlikely character to write an ebook about abandonding technology in favour of simpler solutions to help you get things done.

But Nick’s a smart guy and author of the ebook Todoodlist. Todoodlist is for people like me (and maybe you), people who have gadgets and iPhone apps coming out of their ears and which are all supposed to help you manage your time and get things done.

Todoodlist gives you solutions and answers to questions like:

  • How will I ever manage everything I have to get done?
  • How can I create more hours in the day?
  • Where are the best tricks for maximising productivity that WORK?

Last, but not least, What happened to technology making my life simpler?

Get it. It’s only £6 (about $10). (About the cost of a couple of iPhone apps you spent the money on to make your life more simple) Todoodlist is affordable, it works, and will help you bill more time.

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Once you’ve bought the ebook, you’re going to need a notebook. I’d never be without the Moleskine. Click the image to see more details.

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