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When Matthew first approacedh me to write regularly for The Big Red Tomato Company he said to me that he was really keen for me to bring my beliefs and views of the world to my writing. For anyone who has been on my Facebook profile, you’ll know that I am a Buddhist. Today I want to touch on a core Buddhist belief and how it directly applies to your business as well as your ultimate success. Don’t worry I’m not going to start a group chant!

Understanding and Practice

Buddhism teaches us that in order to walk the Buddhist path of life we need to not only understand the path, why we’re walking it and how we should take each step but also to actually place our feet in the thing. A true Buddhist practicitioner both understands why and how as well as the need to practice.

The same approach applies directly to your business and your success. You can’t practice without understand and there’s much point in understanding everything if you don’t put it in to practice.

Imagine your sitting in first class of a 747 on the runway waiting to take off. Everything is perfect. Great seat, delicious food and a cold drink in your hand. You are completely at one with your environment. Then the Captain comes over the radio and says….

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. I recently failed my flight exam with the lowest score ever recorded by my trainers but don’t worry I’m good with all of this spacial awareness stuff and I built a model airplace at school once.”

You’d instantly be put in to  a different mindset wouldn’t you? You’d want to person at the controls to have aced both the theory and practical exams at flight school. To have both the understanding as well as the experience that only comes from practice.

What about if you were attending a seminar and the speaker started his talk with….

“I’m a the most learned man in this particular field but I’ve never given a talk on it before and I don’t use any of this garbage in my own life. Let’s get started.”

You see if you want to be successful in anything in life you need to have the understanding of how and why. You need to learn how to do the things you want to do. You need to take the time to learn from others who have walked your path before you. You need to learn the best and most effecient way to make the journey. Businesses that just make it up as they go along are very rarely successful.

Understanding is a wonderful thing. But it’s completely useless if you don’t apply it to either your path or the path of others. You need to actually practice what you learn. Not everything is going to work but you can only learn from failure. To achieve the things in life that you want you need to start walking and keep learning along the way so you can carry on walking. You can’t teach unless you have learnt and applied yourself. You can only truly understand when you’ve tried it on your own

I want to challenge you today to look at your life and your business. Are you all about understanding and no practice? Or do you blindly practice and take no time to understand?

Is it now time for you to learn more or start stretching those legs?

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