We’ve been running our 1 hour brainstorming and mini consultancy for a few weeks and I thought I’d share with you share with you some results our clients have achieved from just a 1 hour Skype conversation.

In this post, I’m going to tell you about Tom’s story. Tom generated $1500 of additional revenue, within 3 hours of going live with our suggestion. The best bit? He was sitting in the pub at the time.

This is how he did it.

In our 1 hour brainstorm Tom described his business and it was quite clear that Tom’s business is very reliant on him. He does everything in the business (a UK based car speed detector business and satelite navigation supplier) from taking the orders on the phone, providing advice and sending out the products. He keeps his costs tight, but as a result he has no time to grow his business.

What’s more, it’s very difficult for Tom to take time off from his business or go on holiday.

At The Big Red Tomato Company we believe that business owners should be exactly that, owners and not employees.  Consequently we help entrepreneurs grow their business by thinking of themselves as owners and creating a business which works without them.

So, when I talked to Tom, we looked at how he could generate more time to spend on his business rather than in his business.

This is what we came up with:

Tom’s business generates business from his internet site, but sometimes his customers don’t know what products to purchase and they contact him for advice. Other times, customers contact him simply to place an order which they could do directly online.  What’s more after 5.30pm  Tom goes home.

After floating a few ideas to Tom he decided to use a UK based Virtual Assistant using a dedicated firm.  The Virtual Assistant allows Tom to switch his phones over to them when he’s busy and consequently allows him to focus on areas of his business which generate more revenue. In Tom’s case, this is providing advice on car forums.

More importantly after 5.30 they answer his calls until 10pm and also at weekends, which means he is effectively extending his trading hours, without any additional effort on Tom’s part.

The first night the service went live he checked his phone from the pub and recieved 3 orders, totalling $1500. These are orders that he would in all probability would have lost.   Any prospective customers wanting more detailed information than the Virtual Assistant is able to provide are simply forwarded onto Tom to give them a call back.

So, that’s how we’ve helped Tom transform his business. What could we do for yours?

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