This weekend it is my birthday. I’m celebrating it with my wife, my new son and two of my best friends.

One of the highlights will be spending some time going indoor skydiving with my best friend (more about this next week!), ironically a present they bought for me last year!

In my opinion, birthday’s are a little like New Year’s in that they are a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the future.  Mind you if you said to me last year that this time next year you’ll be getting up in the middle of the night holding a 9 week old I’d have laughed, so you can’t predict everything!

However, I’ve been thinking a lot about this site, how it generates traffic and of course how it will provide an additional income for my family.

Some of this has come about following feedback from readers, my friends, my wife and my business partners. But also from the time that a newborn takes up (how much stuff they come with is another story).

I have 1000’s of ideas.  I recently went through my drafts folder and realised that I’d got 56 articles in draft and I must have at least that number stored in Evernote on my iPhone.  The problem I have is channelling these ideas.

Sometimes I can’t decide what to write about on the blog, because there’s so many things I could cover.

So, I started with the basics:

The Big Red Tomato Company blog is a site for entrepreneurs. Whether they are business owners, or they work for someone else. It’s for people, like you, who want to make a difference, start a business,  grow their business and make more money.

So to make my life easier and hopefully yours, here’s what I’m planning  to do to structure my writing week….

Saturday/Sunday – articles about this site / The Big Red Tomato Company or Me

Monday – general business advice / saving money / reducing costs

Tuesday – Start up School – advice for start up’s

Wednesday – Wednesday Wisdom

Thursday – advice for employees / careers / life hacks

Friday – is for Guest posts (a nod to Twitter’s Follow Friday #FF)

I’m not promising that we will post every day, or that we’ll follow this schedule every we’ll post when we have something to say, which will be most days(!), but I want to ensure that we focus on quality articles, that you can action.

I’m also tentatively going to try video posts. You can see my first effort on the ABOUT page, please be kind…

As someone  said to me the other day, “That bl***y Tomato gets everywhere!” – we continue to do so and will post regularly on Facebook – cool articles or videos from around the web that you should see, so make sure you become a Facebook fan so you’re the first to know.

Of course, we will continue to comment on other sites and if you think that we should check out your site, please do let me know in the comments below.

As to how we monetise the site, will continue to put together products or services which we think can benefit your business or your personal development. If we are promoting a product or service we won’t do it for money. We will promote it because it’s a good product or service that we use in our business. If we earn a small commission if you decide to buy it, that’s great, but we’re not doing it for the money.

We will continue to offer the popular 1 hour brainstorming / consulting hours and we will do the occasional joint ventures. (More about that in a few weeks)

One thing I can promise you, is that this next year will be even more exciting than the one we’ve just had.

So what do you think?

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