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Ben Lumley has been a regular guest blogger here for around 6 months and over that time I’ve seen a massive change both in his approach and the design of his site. Like many entrepreneurs he’s learned a lot over the last few months but more importantly he’s put what he’s learnt into action.

I’m delighted to welcome Ben back for another awesome guest post. If you want to connect with Ben, you can connect with him on Twitter or by his website.

Ben is today’s Friday Follow #FF… Over to you Ben:

Do you ever finding your business lagging behind the curve a bit? Ever wonder where you’ll find those extra clients you need to live your rich and happy life?

I could talk about all the great things you could do to improve your business success but we haven’t got anywhere near the time we’d need. However what I’d like to do is talk about 3 great things that you can do that will move your business onwards and upwards.

1. Learn

Do you remember when you first started in this game? You learnt everything you needed to blast your business off the ground. Do you still do that? Do you still make sure your know everything about your business?

When I first started blogging I spent hours a days learning about everything from branding and how to write great headlines to plugins and SEO. I learnt from everyone I could. My blog blasted out the blocks and then started to stutter when I stopped learning.

The thing is, most of us don’t realise when we’re falling behind that by learning a bit more we can get back up to speed. Successful people know that constant and never ending improvement is the way to success in anything.

Immerse yourself in everything you can to learn all about your business, your market place and your clients. The more you know the more value you can bring back into the business. More value = more business.

2. Outsource

One of the key things that holds back entrepreneurs is that they start working on the nuts and bolts of their business and then never extract themselves to focus on moving their business forward. Take someone like Steve Jobs for example. Do you think he spends his days in the office physically building MacBooks or creating displays for his new widget? Hell no! He spends his day working on moving his business forward.

If you’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t have a team who can undertake the bits and pieces on a day to day basis then consider outsourcing the elements that you can.

A really good VA will handle most things that can be time consuming for an entrepreneur. Using one well will help you step back a bit and allow you to focus on the needs of the business and the direction it’s heading, ultimately bringing you more business success.

3. Gratitude

Do you know you’re in an amazing position as an entrepreneur? As someone who has taken their destiny into their own hands and created the life they want for themselves, if you’re born in the west, you’re literally in the top 1% of the worlds population with regards to wealth. Are you grateful for that?

That roof over your head? How does that make you feel? What about your car/s? Have you got plenty of food in the cupboards?

It’s often really easy to get caught up in what you don’t have and to focus on that. By shifting your attention to the abundance in your life you can begin to attract success you never thought was possible. Take time every day to be grateful for what you do have.

So there you are, 3 great ways to make a big difference to your business success. The only question now is what’s stopping you applying them to your business today?

Ben Lumley is a Personal Achievement Coach who works with people who want to be successful create the future they dreams. Got a big goal you’re wanting to achieve? Come and find out how I can help.

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