20 Days To A Better Business

Each Monday we focus on one activity you can do today or over the next week to build yourself a better business. These short, actionable posts will show you what steps you need to take to take your business to the next level.

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This is Day 9: Workout

When Richard Branson was asked what his number one tip to be more productive, he answered “working out”.

Speaking at a retreat for his philanthropic organisation, Virgin Unite, he told the assembled executives gathered at his Caribbean home on Necker Island that he believed that woking out gave him 4 more hours of productive time a day. Those hours add up.

Working out produces endorphines which are known to increase your sense of well-being. This leads to a clearer mind, which in turn leads to increased productivity.

So, as well as improving your health, working out increases your productivity. As a busy entrepreneur, you’re probably thinking that you can’t afford the time to work out. But if it’s increasing your productivity, can you afford not to find the time?

If you normally find going to the gym a bind then try and work out doing something that’s fun or something that you can enjoy with others. For example if you find work very stressful, then something like boxing which can help you get rid of your frustrations may be just the ticket.

So, if working out can increase your productivity, what are you doing to find the time to work out? Please share your workout and the benefits it gives you in the comments below.

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