20 Days To A Better Business

For the last 20 weeks we’ve show you 20 ideas to grow your business.  In case you’ve missed some of the ideas, you can catch up here: 20 Days to Build A Better Business.

In this post we look back on the last 20 weeks and the ideas we’ve shared.

20 Ideas, 20 Days

Maybe you’ve used some of the ideas and applied them to your business or maybe you’re in the middle of implementing some of them.

Here’s are the subjects we covered over the last 20 days:

Day 1 Block Out Time

Day 2 Book a Holiday

Day 3 Don’t Check email first thing

Day 4 Start Tax Planning Now

Day 5 Become an Investor

Day 6 Where Does Your Money Go?

Day 7 Create a to Stop List

Day 8 Who are your biggest clients?

Day 9 Workout

Day 10 Ship on Time

Day 11 Increase Your Rate per Hour

Day 12 Say Thank You

Day 13 Fire Bad Customers

Day 14 Hold a Pre Mortem

Day 15 Build Your Team

Day 16 Do More By Doing Less

Day 17 Turning costs into revenue

Day 18 Focus on Results, Not Time

Day 19 Know what you don’t know

Day 20 Be Consistent

Did you try any of the ideas?

I’d love to know what you’ve applied or what you’re planning to apply in your business and the impact that you’ve experienced.

Please do share what you’ve tried and the impact on your business in the comments below:


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