Let’s face it, business today is tough. And nothing is tougher than making your business standout and be heard, so that your prospective customers spend money with you and not your competition. But the challenge is being heard above all that noise your competitiors are making, and as you know if you’re not being heard, your business isn’t growing.

The other day I was flicking through a property listings magazine when I saw an advert for one particular (real) estate agency complete with a picture of the owner/operator smiling and underneath his name were the words “Totally Trustworthy”.

Nothing against the integrity of the man in the advert, or estate agents in general, but in my experience of dealing with estate agents, these are not generally the words I would use to describe them…

Given that he felt the need to add the slogan to his picture – obviously my experience is not unique!

Assuming the slogan is true, (after all he is totally trustworthy, so it must be) it’s not a great way to make his business (or yours for that matter) standout.  Because being trustworthy is what you should be anyway.  Same goes for words like honest, reliable or ethical – these are basics which you should be doing if you want to stay in business!

But the biggest issue is; if all the competition suddenly start also being known for being honest or trustworthy, you suddenly stop standing out and then you’re back to being lost in a crowded street market trying to make yourself heard.

Here are 3 Surefire Ways to make your business standout

1. Make the business stand for some thing – this is not about selling boxes or houses it’s the purpose of  why you’re in business.  Take for example Apple. Apple doesn’t see itself as just selling iPods, iPhones, iPad and Macs etc. It sees itself as existing to enrich people’s lives. This is why when you go into an Apple Store the staff will show you what the product will do for you, and how it will make your life better, not what the product spec is.

Action: Think about how you could reposition your business to make it stand for something.  Like Subway did by shifting its focus fast food to healthy food wih the Subway Diet .

2. Make your business for somebody – who is you business/products/services for? Who is your target market? (Don’t say everybody!) for example think Men’s Health Magazine and Women’s Health – both are magazines covering similar areas and topics but one focused solely on men and the other women.

Action: who is your business for?

3. Create a unique selling proposition (USP) – explain why people should buy from you and not from your competition – you can do this by starting to think about the benefits of your product or service to the end user: for example – FedEx’s: Absolutely Positively Overnight.  Or the original ad for the iPod: 1000 song in your pocket.

Action: What benefits would your customer or client get from working with you?

Now you’ve to a great message and stories to tell, you’ve got to make sure that you communicate them to your prospective customers (and your staff) by making sure that all your channels of communication (adverts, brochures, blogs, call centres etc) reflect these messages.

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