perfect is the enemy of good enough

This article could have been 1000 words or more long. But it isn’t. It might not be perfect, but it is good enough.  If  I’d aimed for perfection the article would probably have never been written. And that’s the problem with perfect. Perfect is the enemy of good enough.

As business owners and entrepreneurs we want to do a good job.  We want to solve problems and we want our products or services to be the best they can be.   We tend to tweak and tweak things until they are perfect. Tweaking sales pages, tweaking descriptions, tweaking product details, tweaking packaging, tweaking everything just to make it that little bit better.

Perfect is the enemy of good enough.

But things are never perfect. And a constant pursuit of perfection is a sure way to spin a lot of tyres,  but never getting things done.
I know of one business owner who has been working on a website design for over two years and it’s still nowhere near launch.
It’s simple:

Stop tweaking, start shipping.

Just like things are never perfect, there’s never a perfect time to start anything either.
There is never the perfect time.  Whether it’s to have kids or start a business,  waiting until you have enough money or enough time will never happen and a sure a way to never actually get that business started or that product idea launched.
The pursuit of perfection will ruin your relationships with friends and loved ones and ultimately will lead you to burnout.
That’s not what you want.
Remember, nobody pays for a product until its shipped.  Sure, people might give you money in advance, but they’ll be wanting it back if you don’t deliver.
A perfect product doesn’t exist so it doesn’t ship.
Any delay to shipping costs you money in lost sales and potentially allows your competitors to launch before you do.
No one would say that the iPhone is a perfect phone, yet Apple has still managed to sell over 250 million of them.
Don’t pursue perfection, pursue good enough.

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