Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Close your eyes for a second and imagine your perfect day.

(Go on, I’ll wait)

Were you lying on beach sipping a cool glass of champagne listening to waves gently splash on the beach?

Were you sailing a yacht in the Caribbean?

Maybe you were driving a sports car through the rolling countryside of Tuscany?

Or maybe you were taking in the sights of Paris with your loved one?

Whatever your version of the good life, I suspect the first image that popped into your head probably had nothing to do your business:  demanding clients, unpaid invoices, cranky staff, or unreliable suppliers.

Given the stresses of owning and running a business, your perfect day was probably as far removed from the daily difficulties of grind of running your business as you can get. In fact, the last word you’d probably use to describe your business is love.

Sadly  many of my future clients have fallen out of love with their small business. They went into business with the dream that running a business was the answer to more freedom, more money and doing something that they love.

Only to have the dream replaced by:

long hours;

demanding clients; and

1001 tasks that they’d never imagined they’d be spending their time doing…

It doesn’t have to be that way.

How to love your business

Create a Do List – not to be confused with a task list.  This is a list of the daily activities you need to do which have the most impact in growing your business. For example on the list you might have contact 5 prospects per day, or to develop content / products.  Then once you’ve completed your do list add to it your daily to do’s like check your email. if you’re currently checking email 10 times a day, you might want to question whether this is the best use of your time.

Block Out Time – if you’re working 24×7 at the moment, then you need to decide what hours you aren’t going to work – whether that’s time to spend with the family or time to go to the gym, and then block out that time in your diary.

The important thing though is that you have to be committed to this time. If you decide you aren’t going to work weekends, then you have to resist the temptation to sneak work time in to this non work time.   One truism is that when you decide what hours you’re going to work, clients will contact you on the hours that you aren’t working. The temptation is to meet thier demands, but you need to be firm. As long as you tell your clients in advance you shouldn’t have too much of a problem. And in any case, if you don’t take regular breaks then you’ll burn out and be no good to anyone.

People who start blocking their time say they have more energy, more focus and get more done. Give it a try this week!

Share the Love – this business is all about meeting and working alongside incredible people. One of the ways to celebrate how much you love your business is to reach out to the team members and mentors who have made a difference in your life and thank them! Go on a rampage of gratitude. You’ll make a lot of people feel wonderful (including yourself).

Have a clear vision – Remind yourself why you went into business in the first place. What were you trying to achieve? Is that still what you’re trying to achieve?  For me being in business is about creating more freedom, the ability to work from anywhere and the hours and clients  choose to work with.  What is your vision for your business?

 “I love my business because…” – create an affirmation to remind you why you love your business (maybe the reason you first started your business), but make sure it’s aligned to your vision.  Start with the sentence with “I love my business becasue….” and once you’ve got a sentence you love, make sure you write it down and pin it in a prominent position like the fridge door or bathroom mirror.

If you’d like some help falling back in love with your business, let’s talk.


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