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Many of my future clients are now tired and frustrated. They complain that they don’t have the freedom that they thought they would when they started out in their business. They don’t get to see their kids as often as they’d like or spend quality time with their significant other and are frequently late or miss family events because they are “too busy”.

“I don’t feel like I’m running my business. My business is running me.”

Is one of the first things that new clients first say to me when they get on the phone.

They are tired, fed up and realise that they are just not getting the results from their business they dreamed of when they started out.

Prior to setting up their current business, many of my clients had well paying jobs, but now they don’t own a business, they own a job.

Most business owners are great operators which is why they got into business in the first place. In fact one of the things that got them started in the first place was the feedback from well meaning friends and family saying “you make great cakes, you should go into business and sell these”

But the problem about being a great operator is that operators, just like hard working employees, don’t get rich, they get tired.

Just like the bosses that the great operators left behind when they started out in business, it’s the bosses who know how to run their business are the ones that get rich.

But all is not lost.

You can learn how to build and run a great business and you don’t need to spend years doing either. The best (and the quickest) way is to hire someone who can show you what to do and help you build the systems and processes to make a multi million $,£ or € business.

A Business Coach

Some people might call this person a business coach, other people might call them a business advisor, others might call them a business mentor or a consultant. The list goes on…..

Whilst there are technical differences between each of these terms, this is what I mean when I talk about business coaching:


“Sometimes teaching, sometimes providing feedback or advice, or acting as a sounding board, but most importantly someone who will give you actionable advice, tailiored to your situation that you can act upon straightaway.”

So be clear about what you results you want to achieve when hiring a business coach. (my services are grouped together around specific results that clients typically want to see)


How to Hire The Right Business Coach

Whilst everyone is different, there are certain qualities that you need to seek out from a business coach if you want to have a successful coaching relationship.

1. If you want a friend, go get a dog. Whilst it’s important you get on with your coach, you don’t need to be looking for a friend. You need someone who will give you impartial advice about decisions. Which is why friends generally don’t make the best coaches because they are don’t want to upset you.


2. Challenge your thinking. Essentially you need honesty and someone who can to you what you’re proposing is crazy. If a business coach can’t challenge your thinking, then they are not the business coach for you.


3. Accountability – a good coach will hold you accountable for your actions and keep you on track to achieve your goals.


4. Affordability.  Many people think that hiring a business coach is a luxury and they can’t afford it or they think it’s too expensive. But that’s not a reason not to hire a business coach. Yes, business coaches can be expensive. Just like cars can be expensive. But just like everyone doesn’t pop down to the local shops in a Rolls-Royce, and you don’t have to have a coach costing a $250k a year. Coaching can be one off or long term. And can start from less than $500.


5. Saves you money. A good business coach should easily pay for themselves with increased sales or reduced costs. If they stop you making a major mistake they could just save your business.

Most good business coaches should offer to do a free consultation to see if you fit and can help you in your situation.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level a business coach can give you a good leg up to get your there.

However, if you aren’t passionate about growing your business and taking massive action, don’t hire a business coach. A business coach won’t do the work for you. You need to act on their advice and take action.

Are you ready to move your business forward? Let’s talk about growing your business.

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