How to Make Your Business Plan Lift Off

My book is finally here!

After a few twists and turns my new book: How To Make Your Business Plan Lift Off is finally available in the Amazon Kindle Store.


You can check it out here:

Amazon US Kindle Store 

Amazon UK Kindle Store

The book was written to not only improve the quality of business plans, but more importantly to inspire you to get your idea out of your head and get it written down.

Once you’ve got it written down you can commit to it. And once you commit to it, you can action it. 

And once you action it, you’ll start to see results that will make your business lift off.

How To Write A Business Plan

Whether you’re planning on starting a web design business, the next Facebook, or simply looking to get board approval for your idea, How To Make Your Business Plan Lift Off will show you how to craft a winning business plan.

It will show you what type of plan to use in your situation as well as what to include.

Whether that’s raising finance, expanding into new markets, or simply figuring out whether your business idea has legs.

How To Make Your Business Plan Lift Off will show you how to set your business strategy, figure out your finances and assess the strength of your business.

It will show you the path to take and the pitfalls to avoid.

At the end of How To Make Your Business Plan lift off, you’ll see some information about how to acces my free resources. Here you’ll get access to a load of resources, plus a couple of templates you can download as well as a bonus I’ll send you the top 5 tools I use to grow my business.

Two Quick Things For Today

1. If you pick up my book today thank you! I’d love to hear what you think about it either by leaving a comment below or by Twitter. If you get 5 minutes to leave a review on Amazon, I’d really appreciate it.

2. The official hashtag either on Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook is #liftoffbook please use it as it will allow other people to keep track of the conversation.

And last but not least, thank you so much for your support – this has been an amazing journey and I hope my book inspires you to lift off.

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