Showing Up

Showing up

As the comedian and writer Woody Allen once said:

“80% of success is showing up.”


If that’s true, then what should you do when you get there? (Short answer, the most important thing to do today that will grow your business).


But when you’re running and growing your business, showing up is hard to do. Showing up is hard because there’s a 1001 different distractions you face each and every day.  Website problems, staff off sick, customer complaints, they all distract you from showing up and getting the job done.


Put simply, you can’t just turn up, hit a six and go home.


No. Success in business is about showing up and hitting the ball and scoring a run every day.


Showing up is hard

But showing up every day is really hard. Some days you’ll feel like you just don’t want to show up.


And that’s ok, but:
Some days has a nasty habit of turning into a few days and we all know that a few days turns into weeks or maybe a month or two.


Showing up day in day out is really hard.
So if you’re going to show up, then it’s really important that you know why you’re showing up.


Why are you doing what you’re doing?  And;
Why do you care?



Go on, I’ll wait.


Once you know why you care, showing up becomes easy. But just because it is easy, it doesn’t mean you can start hitting sixes off the bat.  Or indeed that you should start hitting sixes.


No, showing up is all about consistency. Consistent action repeated again and again.


Small acts, repeated over time, add up to big results.


Which is probably why Albert Einstein describe compound interest as the eighth wonder of the world.


Show up, get results

Isaac Asimov, the science fiction writer, published 400 books in his life time.


How did he manage that? By typing everyday.
Call a prospect today. Call one tomorrow and the next day and keep on calling.


Show up, get results.

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