Just like business problems aren’t of regular size or shape, our solutions aren’t either. We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes to help them move forward:

Low priced over-the-phone business brainstorming/consultancy

Sometimes, you don’t need a full on consulting project, but you do need advice about a problem you’re facing or you want to move your business to the next level and want to talk through your ideas. Find out more

Cost Reduction and Value Management

In a challenging economic environment, we believe success is founded upon three things: a strong focus on value, a willingness to exploit opportunities, and an ability to act with speed. A key element of the focus on value is a pragmatic and robust approach to reducing cost across your organisation. We focus on identifying non-value adding costs rather than ‘slashing’ cost across the business. Our approach helps business leaders get to the key issues quickly, setting the agenda for deploying cross-functional capabilities including process improvement, IT efficiency, business model change and outsourcing. To find out more please contact us

Strategy and Change

We help organisations evaluate the success of their business model and help identify areas of opportunity and the potential that these opportunities  may bring. We focus on building achievable business plans and the steps required to achieve them and ensuring that they align to the goals of the organisation, quickly. To find out more please contact us

Re-engineering the Finance Function

In changing environments, we recognise that finance functions need to look ‘beyond the numbers’. However, we understand that the term business partner is over used and that many organisations are satisfied with the services they provide. We help finance functions align their to services to meet the needs of  internal clients and become what we call ‘beyond business partners’. To find out more please contact us

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