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10 Blogs to watch in 2010

10 Blogs To Watch in 2010

This post was going to be my 10 favourite blogs of 2009, however as I started writing the post, I couldn’t get the list down to 10, so here is my list of 16 sites which I think you should be checking out regularly in 2010 and retweeting and commenting on the great articles you’ll find there.

Here we go:

  4. Menwithpens
  5. Johnny B Truant
  6. Chris Guillebeau
  7. Giveabrick
  8. Ittybiz
  9. Jonathan Fields
  10. 2Chicksathome
  11. Bluepop13
  12. David Risley
  13. A Meaningful existence
  14. Problogger
  15. Don Power
  16. The Middle Finger Project

When I originally wrote this post I thought that 10 Blogs to follow would be a great title. The truth is I do follow more that 10 blogs as you can see from the above list. Following the great comments below, I thought I’d update the post with a few further blogs that I follow but less frequently and also the URL’s to the blogs suggested in the comments below:

  1. Copyblogger
  2. Blogger illustrated
  3. Wassup Blog
  4. Not a Pro Blog
  5. Man v’s Debt