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Be Awesome at work, everyday

Be Awesome At Work Everyday
Creative Commons License photo credit: twingly

We’re a unique bunch. We’re part of the group of people who care about what we do. Turning up and doing what’s necessary isn’t our game plan. For us our job isn’t just something we do, it’s who we are and we love it (most of the time). We are the “New Work Pioneers” who don’t settle for just our job it is but want to change our conditions for the better.

So how do we become the person everyone wants on their projects? How do we create demands for our time and capabilities? How do we go from good to great?


One way to be awesome at work is to become indispensable to those around you and above you. When someone knows that they can come to you for an answer to an important question, you become indispensable. If the boss knows that you’ll always ship on time you will rise to an indispensable status in their eyes. The same goes for clients and customers. When anyone associated with your work knows that you will deliver on time every time you will begin to rise above the masses and people will see you as the guy (or girl) that gets the job done. You’ll become indispensable. You’ll become awesome at work.

Go above and beyond

We all like more. More is a great word because it give us, well more. If you get extra sprinkles on your coffee in the morning without asking because the waitress knows you like them, it puts a smile on your face. Being upgraded to first class for no other reason than because the airline can, it’s a sure fire way to put you in a great mood all day. When we give more in our work than we are expected to we can produce the same affect in others. Going that extra mile, giving 110%, going above and beyond are all ways to say “give more.” But don’t do it because you think you have to. Do it because you know it’s want you would want. By always giving more you can become awesome at work.

Super productive not busy

Every office or work environment has at least one super busy person. Some businesses have whole buildings full of busy people who remain busy all day everyday. Busy isn’t good. Just doing lots of things just so that others can see you as being busy won’t make you awesome at work. To do that you need to leave the busy days behind and start being super productive. A boss or colleague who sees you being busy won’t actively seek you out when there’s awesome work to be done. They’ll seek you out though when they know you’re the most productive person on site and will be able to complete on time, to an awesome standard and you’ll do it with laser sharp focus.

Be Courageous

Awesome workers are brave workers. Awesome workers and courageous workers. They know that at times you need to run with the pack and take orders. They understand that there is a time and place for that. But awesome workers also know that there is a time to step out and be courageous, to take a lead, to buck the trend and to say “no that’s a bad idea.” Awesome workers use their knowledge, skills and experience to make courageous decisions even if that means they have to go against the grain. If you want to be awesome at work you need to do the same. You need to stand up and say “hey look there’s a better way”, “I’ll take the lead of this”, or “this is the sort of standard we should be working towards.” Stepping out of the comfort zone that surrounds you and being courageous is part of the way of an awesome worker.

So do you want to be awesome at work? I guess you do. So go on, go out there and be indispensable, give more every time, be super productive not busy and be courageous when the situation arises.

Ben Lumley is a Motivational Speaker and Trainer from the UK who writes about personal development at Why not connect with him on Twitter @6aliens or if you liked this article then why not subscribe to his RSS Feed?