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Blog Giveaway: The 20 x 7 Rule – The Result

I got a lot of traffic to my blog giveaway of James Richmond’s 20 x 7 rule and over 22 retweets. It seems that there’s a lot of people interested in getting more traffic to their blog. But sadly not that many people have a plan to drive traffic to their blog.

I share with you below some inspiring stories the writers have been undertaking this last year to drive more traffic to thier blog:

Mike Roosa

First up Mike Roosa at who has done two things this year which have really helped his traffic, over to you Mike:

1. Blog Commenting – I follow several blogs on a daily basis, read the post, and try to make a worthwhile comment relating to my life, my blog or offer some additional tips or advice.

2. Forums – I have found 3 forums that I really like and try to stay very active in there. Most of the forum visitors don’t engage in the comments on my site but they do visit.

Also, Mike’s just getting started with Twitter and he’s seeing how that goes.

Ice Blue Banana

Mark over at has a new blog which started in March 2010 and although in his own words say’s he’s not done much here’s his list of thing’s he’s done to drive traffic:
1. commenting in other people’s blogs
2. replying to comments made on mine
3. actively participate on
4. actively participate on
5. digg other people’s articles
6. stumbleupon other people’s articles

The Winner is:  The Underdog Millionaire

But there can be only one winner of the Jame’s Richmond’s 20 x 7 Rule.  Joshua Black writer at the Underdog Millionaire shares his activities: Over to Joshua:

I have done 3 major things this year that have increased my traffic a lot.

1. I made a list of 30 blogs that are really high-quality (including the big red tomato, of course!) and I make sure that I read them each day and submit a worthwile comment on each, where applicable)

2. Each time a person submits a comment on my blog (when applicable) I make sure that I also visit their blog and try to continue the converation.

All in all, I post about 25-50 comments per week day on various blogs and it is slowy paying off, but I am trying very hard to offer something REAL and not just garbage spam comments.

3. Article marketing like crazy- By putting as many relevan articles out in to the world, with links to my products and blog, I am driving traffic from many different angles. There are still a TON of people out there that don’t ever read blogs or even know they are available.

4. I market my list on a daily basis outside of my blog, again, because there are a lot of people that have no interest in getting their information from a blog, or have yet to add bog-reading into their daily routine. I hope to change that of course, but it all takes time and a LOT of effort.

You have to put in the work every day or your customers will forget about you. Just like in any marketing campaign, you have to tell your potential customers FREQUENTLY that you are still in business, or they will forget about you in the blink of an eye.

Congratulations to Joshua, and thanks to everyone who visited and took the time to comment.