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Coffee v’s Tea

Coffee v's Tea

According to the Starbuck’s website they have over 15,000 locations across the globe.  In some cities there’s one on every street corner. In New York they open at 6am and close around 10pm.

In London it’s just the same. Outlets competing with one another all over the place. The competition is immense.

And yet, coffee is not the favourite drink in the UK. The UK’s favourite drink is tea.

If you look on the website by the UK Tea Council, you’d be forgiven for thinking that drinking tea was stuck in Victorian times (often perpetuating the myth with the name Tea Shoppe) and served with afternoon cakes and sandwiches.  You can see what I mean from the photo. This is typical of how the British portray tea shops. Some activity from yesteryear.

In the US I understand that it’s almost impossible to find a shop that sells tea as the main product line and yet in Japan it’s a massive part of Japanese culture.

I suspect that there is a demand in both the US and UK for quality teas as the big players narrow their ranges to the more popular tea varieties such as Lipton in the US and PG Tips in the UK. Yet there are many different varieties and types of tea, probably 1000’s.     In fact a Google Search for Most Popular Brand of Tea In US came up with Iced Tea.  A completely different drink!

With focus on healthier lifestyles and reports claiming that tea is healthier than water maybe tea or more specifically, specialist tea, could be an unexplored opportunity. This long tail could be an unexplored niche.

Could this be a business opportunity for you?

If you’re an Infopreneur type and good at educating others, could supplying tea online or maybe the creation of an information product about tea be a business opportunity for you?

What do you think?