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Guest Post: Lost in the Blocean? Survival Blogging – 16-Year Old “Sunderland” Style

Increasingly regularly now on a Friday we’re featuring guest posts by great people changing the world one step at a time.  It gives me great pleasure to feature this post by Brandon Yeager from Brandon’s complete Bio is at the end of this post, but suffice to say Brandon likes to share knowledge with people which is what he does on The Infopreneur.

Therefore, today’s Friday Follow  ( #FF) is Brandon Yeager, over to you Brandon:

Most of the world has learned of Abby Sunderland’s recent adventures while trying to be the youngest person to ever sail solo around the world.  If you are not familiar with her, she is a 16 year old adventurer, whose circumvention recently came to a screeching halt, as her boat was capsized, and she was rescued in the Ocean. She also has some online merchandising going on.  This girl is something special.

Anyway, being lost in the ocean is absolutely how we bloggers sometimes feel.  Miles of water, as far as the eyes can see.  Loneliness…stretches of regret…visions and goals constantly being lost on the horizon.  I want to review 3 things Abby has that we can all learn from to keep our online businesses focused, and on the correct azimuth.

She Dreamed Big Dreams.

One thing is for certain.  After looking at Abby’s websites, and really absorbing the immensity of what this young teenager was trying to undertake, there is not doubt this girl dreams big dreams.

She absolutely lies awake during those silent moments before she goes to sleep with grandiose visions dancing through her mind.  Possibilities, opportunities, charities, giving, impacts…all having a place in the mind of her destiny.

She Took Action.

She, obviously, was keenly aware that she would not be able to imagine her way around the globe with a curtain tied to a stick and a boat.  Sure, thoughts of pirates, 30 foot waves, blistering sun, etc crept into her mind.  None of those things mattered.  As long as she was doing exactly what she loved, she couldn’t care less.  And you know what?  I can’t blame her.

Even if one were to die in a moment of such happiness, how could one knock anybody for pursuing your dreams and visions.  I hear the talk… “oh, she was so young”, “man, what were her parents thinking”.

My oldest is 11 years old, and if they had that kind of nautical experience and had their life set on achieving greatness and fulfilling their destiny…far be it for me to stop that UNSTOPPABLE FORCE.

That kind of force will take action ultimately with, or without permission.  Set it free.  Equip the force to handle adversities the best it can.

I’ve lost sight of my destination with this point.  She took action.  She had a vision, and acted upon it.  Win, lose, or draw.

The Story Has Not Ended.

Every successful individual (I didn’t say prosperous…I said successful) never quits achieving life dreams.  Yes, Abby, was knocked down.  She took a jab to the side of the head and received a black eye.

One thing I can tell you with absolute certainty.  You will hear about Abby in the future.  As a matter of fact, this is an interesting perspective:  I never heard about her brother’s SUCCESSFUL adventure last year circumnavigating the globe.  Her temporary defeat, has gained her worldwide notoriety.  Her next achievement…will be followed by all, allowing her to have GREATER impact, and to affect more people worldwide.

The reason for everything sometimes remains obscured for years to come.

Press Onward!

Brandon Yeager

PS.  Abby, if you ever read this, please contact me at my blog in the paragraph below.  I’d love to interview you for all the readers.  Catch you on the “flip” side. 😉  Matter of fact, I’ll help you create an InfoProduct, and we can sell it, and donate all proceeds to charity, or something.

Brandon Yeager, is TheInfoPreneur.  His blog focuses on motivation, driving traffic, email marketing, and inventing information products while equipping people with the knowledge and tools necessary to be successful InfoPreneurs.  You can contact him on twitter at:  @TheInfoPreneur His newsletter and VIP Access are second to none.