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How Leaving Great Comments Adds To More Than Just The Conversation

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Design and Technology Student

From time to time on a Friday we feature guest posts from cool people who are changing the world one step at a time. Today’s guest post and Friday Follow (#FF) is Eric Heavilin, over to you Eric:

My name is Eric Heavilin from and the new This is my 4th Guest Post; 1st here, 2nd on and 1st on I love to write about various topics and I feel comments are essential for online success. Read this article to find out why.

Blogs are growing like mad these days and comments are huge if you want to make it out there. Why? Because leaving a comment shows your interest in the article and shows what kind of writer you are and what you opinion is on the topic at hand.

What else can leaving comments do for you and others who read them?

Guest Posts

I was asked if I would like to Guest Post on here because of the great comments I made to the posts already here. I am glad I said yes and I appreciate the opportunity to add value to this blog by doing this article.


Just as Guest Posting somewhere gives you great recognition for your writing so does being seen everywhere. Again though, you must leave great comments that add so much value regardless of whether it’s a lengthy comment or short and to the point. Be seen everywhere and all the time.


When I leave comments the first thing I do afterwards is send out the blog post to my Twitter, Facebook and MySpace (Remember MySpace?) accounts through TweetDeck. I do it this way so that anyone who then goes to the link I just sent will see my comment and maybe comment further to me or even visit my blog.

For The Newbies

If someone visits a blog post you left a great comment on and that person takes the time to read what you had to say they just might visit your blog. They might even comment on YOUR blog if they find an article they like.

New Ideas

Leaving an awesome comment might even spark an interest with someone else for a blog post and if it’s good enough they may just come back to the comment you left, contact you and ask you if you would like to Guest Post for them or they may just leave a comment somewhere on your blog.

These are just a few ideas I came up with that could help anyone with their blog when they comment. We all talk about quality content and consistency and helping each other out which is wonderful. Though we don’t always talk about how great our comments could and really should be. It’s something to think about that could take you far so make sure you put some thought and effort into your comments just as you do your next blog post.

You should always put your all into anything worth doing as anything worth doing is worth doing right.

What are some other ways not just comments but great comments can help you with your blog?