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How The Slow Boat From China Can Grow Your Business*


After 9 weeks on a boat, our furniture finally showed up yesterday, and as I write this, I’m surrounded by the remnants of 195 boxes. Yikes.

But the pain of opening all those boxes and unpacking is more than offset by seeing my little boy’s face light up as he was reunited with all of his toys – Christmas has come early in our house!

It occurred to me in the midst of unpacking yet another box that running a business is little like unpacking your stuff – in the sense that there’s a certain order that you unpack things; bed, sofa, TV, Kitchen items etc.

When you run a business all your tasks and projects are your boxes.

But the trouble is it’s often hard to know which box to tackle first.

So chances are you start with your emails.

… And then maybe you answer the phone.

Followed by some more emails.

Which means that there are some boxes you never get to unpack, maybe you move them around a little or maybe you put more stuff in front of them in the form of shiny new projects or good ideas.

But in these boxes that you keep putting off opening is where the good stuff is hiding.

These are the boxes which will really make a difference to growing your business.

Sound familiar?

Now just imagine if you had someone to help you with your boxes.

Someone who could figure out which box you should open first and what you should put where.

Well that someone is me.

I don’t do this very often but, right now I’m going to offer up 60 minute Consulting Calls via Skype to talk through your business issues, unpack your boxes and set you on track to having a massive growth year in 2013 at 50% off until Midnight MST Monday.

Maybe your boxes are marketing related, maybe operations, maybe product or people related, or maybe the pile of boxes is so big, you’re not even sure what’s in the boxes.

Whatever the problem, I will show you how to work smarter to free up time to get the big things done and to focus on which things will have the biggest impact on your business…

But that’s not all, you’ll also get…

– a pre call questionnaire to complete which will give you a good idea of where your business is at right now
– 60 minutes with me 1:1
– Personal action plan showing you step by step what you need to do
– MP3 recording of the call
– regular kick in the backside emails to keep you on track
– the price you pay will be deducted from a coaching package if you want to carry on with a longer term commitment.

As there’s a lot of mention about Black Friday and Cyber Monday – I’m offering special pricing – 50% off until Midnight Mountain Standard Time Monday 27th – Just click this link which will take you to a payments page.  Just enter the discount code “BLACK” in the box before checkout.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) and a I hope you have great weekend

Better get on and unpack another box….

P.S . * Actually the boat sailed from the UK (which is even further) but that’s sayings for you.

P.P.S This is not a digital product. It’s 1:1 time with me. Book early get the first choice of consulting slots.