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I Dreamed a Dream

No one would have believed that when 48 year old spinster Susan Boyle stood up at the mike in April 2009, such a world wide phenomena would occur.

Only minutes earlier she stood she stood before 3 judges including Simon Cowell in the UK TV Talent Show, ‘Britian’s Got Talent’, and asked what her dream was, she said to be a professional singer.

You can see her performance here:

Watch BGT 2009: Susan Boyle – I Dreamed A Dream (Full Version)+DL in Music |  View More Free Videos Online at

So, what’s your dream?

– to retire early?

– to live abroad?

– to spend more time with the family?

– to set up and run your own business?

Here’s how you can achieve your dreams.

A dream is more likely to happen if you write it down:

Dream – Do you have a dream chart? Is this up to date and current? Have you have updated the pictures or statements for the items that you have already achieved?

Are you – Idealising, Visualising, Verbalising and Materialising aspects of your Dreams? Do you do affirmations and visualisations twice a day…?

Goal – Do you have a list of your top goals? Are these listed in priority or at least dated as to when you are going to achieve these? Make them a certainty by planning when you are going to do these and what resources you need e.g. money(if any) to do these. Putting the acquisition of the required resource into your plans then focuses you on providing that resource so you can achieve your goals.

Plan – Have a action plan that identifies what you are going to do, to generate the business, that will provide you with the resources to achieve your goals. Your plan must include the expected outcome of your weekly, monthly and quarterly activities. Your plan must also have identified the performance indicators in your daily tasks that are linked to your actionable metrics / key performance indicators that are measured at least daily. Staying focused on your actionable metrics gives you the focus you need every day to ‘Do’.

Do – You now just need to do what your plan tells you to do. You need to have the focus, discipline and commitment to actually do it.


We’re launching an e-book called ‘How to Achieve Your Dreams The Tomato Way! – a complete guide to achieving your dreams from goal setting to action taking.   We share the secrets which gets our clients results. You can join the ‘pre order’ list for exclusive discounts and bonus materials.

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