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Is your business semi local?

Recession business

If it is, then our friends over at want to talk to you!

Semi local business are those that as well as trading in the local community also have an online element, which allows their business to grow faster than if it just served the local market.

Is that your business? Or are you a local business planning to have an online element?

If you are then can you spare 5 minutes and answer a few questions about your business. There’s nothing for sale here but your help will be invaluable by helping businesses like mine, help you better by providing more relevant content and support right where you need it.

Here’s the link to the survey,

Thanks for your support!

I caught up with Danny from Firepole Marketing and asked him a few questions about Firepole Marketing and survey, here are his answers!

Who is Danny Iny and why should people listen to you?

Great question! I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and blogger. I’ve been an entrepreneur for longer than my adult life; I quit school when I was 15 to start my first business, and I’ve been doing it ever since. I’ve had some big successes, and some big failures. Does that mean that people should listen to me? No, but it means that they should hear me out, and make their own judgments. 😉

What is Firepole Marketing and how did it come about?

Most of the work that I do is as an independent consultant and strategist to small businesses in the 0-10 employee range, and my partner Peter is a coach working with the same sort of clients. We found that while there were more than enough companies in that group that were doing well and could afford our services, there were many that desperately needed help, and didn’t have any money. Firepole Marketing is a blog and marketing training program that is designed specifically for those people, to help them get more money into their businesses. The training program is currently closed to the public, but we do have a free video training program about how to get more cash out of any business, website, or blog, in under 30 days, without spending money, working more hours, or hiring staff. 😉

What mistakes do you see entrepreneurs making and what should they do about them?

The most common mistake that I see entrepreneurs making (all the time, unfortunately) is focusing too much on themselves (their business, their product, their messaging), and not enough on their audience, prospects, and customers. Marketing isn’t about tactics like Twitter, Facebook, email blasts, cold calling, social media, or whatever – it’s about aligning the value that you’re offering with the needs of your target audience, and communicating that value to them as effectively as possible. Effective marketing can’t be one-size-fits-all, because every audience and every offering is different.

What is the single biggest opportunity open to entrepreneurs at the moment?

We live in a time when a lot of things are changing, and changing fast. This applies to technology (the internet, social media, etc.), it applies to economics (the financial downturn), and it applies to the landscape of opportunities that are available. Big companies just aren’t equipped to adapt very quickly to these changes, which means that the field is wide open for entrepreneurs and small businesses to create enormous amounts of value, both for themselves and for others. A big part of that is the Semi-Local movement, in which entrepreneurs and small businesses are diversifying their sources of income, so that they make some of their money locally, and some of their money remotely/online – this just wasn’t easy (or even possible) just a short while ago, but today it is smart business.

Why are you introducing a questionnaire?

We’re introducing the Semi-Local Business Survey because, even though we’ve all heard lots of anecdotes and case studies about people achieving Semi-Local success, there really isn’t a lot of hard data. This is dangerous, because the anecdotes and case studies are almost always a-typical, which means that if people take those examples as “how things work”, then they’re likely to make very bad decisions for their businesses and their lives.

What do you hope to learn from it?

From the survey, we want to better understand how many businesses are really becoming Semi-Local, how long it is taking them, how much it costs, how much energy they have to invest to get their, what were the biggest bumps along the way, how they overcame them, and what their results were when they finally made it. We also want to hear from people who are thinking about making the switch, to see what their expectations are about all of these things, so that we can see how well those expectations line up with reality.

How will you share this information with the community?

The information is going to be made freely available to the community. We’re going to blog about the results on Firepole Marketing, and we’ll share a report with the results with everyone who helped us to promote the survey, as well as with everyone who completed the survey themselves. This is really for the community, and we just need people to fill out the survey so that the results will be valuable and meaningful to us all.

Here’s the link to the survey again!