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Make A Difference by Treating Your Goals Like A Business

Creative Commons License photo credit: ecphaff

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight” Jim Rohn

As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner, it’s important to plan properly, to create action steps and set deadlines. If you own your own business you know that these are just a few of the important steps you need to complete when trying to get a business off the ground and run it successfully. Business owners know this because they understand that to make a success of a new venture you have to know how you’re going to turn the dream into a reality.

When you’re working towards a big goal, one that’s a game changer, treating it like a business and becoming really structured with it can pay off massively, potentially knocking weeks, months or even years of your achievement date. Why? Because you’re approaching it from a position of great strength.

So here are my 3 simple ways to treat your goals like a business and rocket to success.

Get a Plan

When an entrepreneur starts a new business or sets up a new venture, they get a plan. They work on a concrete business plan that gets them thinking about every aspect of the business, allowing them to really get clear and focused.

By writing down the goals they want to achieve within their business, entrepreneurs tap into their subconscious mind and set it to work on their dream. By writing down YOUR goals and creating a plan of attack you to can tap into this powerful resource.

If you haven’t got a plan yet, get one. Get a sheet of paper, write your goal down and make it clear how you want to achieve it, potential pitfalls that might get in the way and how you’ll overcome them. Think from the start what help you might need along the way and who can help you. Once you have your plan and it’s written down, get going.

Get Organised

Business owners aren’t sloppy (well successful ones aren’t at any rate.) One of the keys to business success is organisation. A really successful entrepreneur will be organised beyond that of your average worker. They’ll know what needs to be done and by when. Now some write it all down, others use software to record it all while some simply store it up in their heads.

You need to do whatever works for you. Personally for me, that means writing it all down and using software to help me.

When you can become organised in your goals you can wade through the slow stuff that most people give up on.

Set Deadlines

One of the main reasons that people don’t achieve a goal in life is that they don’t give it a deadline. They drift along with no sense of urgency or momentum and this can kill a goal outright.

If you want to achieve your goals effectively you need to set yourself some deadlines to work to. Otherwise, the part of you that is scared still of putting yourself out there and achieving it will reign you back in and make you give up.

Set a deadline, stick to it and get to work.

Treating your goals like a business and thinking about them in a formal and professional way can make a world of difference to the results you get. Try it today!

Ben Lumley is a Success Coach and Speaker from the UK who writes about self development at his blog Why not connect with him on Twitter @6aliens or if you liked this article then why not subscribe to his RSS Feed?


  • Eleanor Edwards said:

    Great advice here Ben. Between this and all the productivity stuff that keeps getting thrown under my radar, I’m sure I need to get my lovely rear end in gear after the summer. Planning and getting organised is pretty much impossible with a house full of noisy children (and besides, all work and no play makes El a very dull girl ;)) but come September … look out 😉

  • Ben said:

    I think it’s a sign when you keep seeing the same type of stuff appear on your radar. Maybe it’s the universe trying to tell you something

    Can’t wait till september

  • Matthew Needham said:


  • Eleanor Edwards said:

    God-incidences 😉 Love ’em 🙂

  • Karen said:

    Hi Ben,

    These are great tips. I wish I was more organized like this. I know what I want to do and have goals, but the deadline part keeps messing me up. A lot of my goals are have pretty elastic deadlines and so they are taking forever to achieve. I should just pick a reasonable deadline and do them! That way, I can get more done and not have them hanging over my head. 🙂

    Thanks for the advice,

  • Ben said:

    Sorry it seems to have taken ages to reply here Karen. Not sure how I missed you here.

    It’s worth investigating the reasons why you’re finding elastic deadlines hard to work with. There might some reasons behind it.

    A quick fix might be just to set a really tight deadline and work as hard as you can to hit it. It may be the act of tightening the goal that makes the difference.

  • Joshua Black | The Underdog Millionaire said:

    Although it would be nice if you could fire yourself sometimes, I think this is a great conept. If you treat your goals like a business then magically, things start to happen.

    Instead of just sitting on the old couch and hoping that your idea will drop out of the sky, you can really make progress if you set timelines for yourself.

  • Matthew Needham said:

    Wouldn’t that be great Joshua? I think it’s a great analogy that Ben drew here. You have to approach them with intent if you want to acheive something.

    Just like running a business!

  • Ben said:

    Loads of people sit there and let it happen don’t they?

    Set the goals up and go after them relentlessly. The universe usually bendsto you when you take that approach