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My top 10 Apps for the iPhone

Right so we all love the iPhone and we love getting things done. The trouble with all the available apps in the App Store is that you download them and before you know where you are you spend so long playing about with them that you never get anything done.

I spend a lot of time travelling to clients and out of preference I prefer to travel by train when I can as it gives me the opportunity to read or tweak my site etc . My current journey is on a small cross country train which has little space to use my laptop so my iPhone is very much my office, having replaced my beloved Blackberry for one 6 months ago! – (see my post on 24 hours with the iPhone)

So, for this post, I’d thought I’d put together a top 10 list of the iPhone Apps I find the most useful.

Here’s the list. They are all available to download from either the App Store or the site itself.

  1. IXpensIt – App for tracking where your money goes and keeps control of your expenses
  2. Evernote – brilliant, fully search able note taking software – read a review here
  3. Tweetdeck – great for keeping track on Twitter
  4. Free RSS – keeping track of the blogs I’m interested in whilst on the move.
  5. Things – Task management software (although it’s not free)
  6. RTM – Remember the Milk – another task management software (free)
  7. Flickr – Ideal for posting the photos I take directly to my flickr account (and onto this site)
  8. Huff Post – What’s going on in the world – News site
  9. PayPal – Sending money quickly anywhere or simply checking the balance.
  10. thetrainline – UK application this one, I couldn’t be without it – keeps track of train times and routings (also great next train facility – very handy sometimes!)Since writing this post I’ve discovered a new one. So here’s your bonus
  11. WordPress – excellent for updating the site on the move, moderating and approving comments etc.

What applications make your day go easier?