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So, whats your problem? (part 2)

At the end of February we asked  So what’s your problem? where we  invited readers to share their business problems (based on the notion that a problem shared is a problem halved) for the commuity here on the blog to help solve.

I’m very pleased that 6aliens writer Ben Lumley rose to the challenge and I share with you his email detailing his problem.

Here’s my problem/s in more detail (feel free to edit this as you wish)

I have a full time job. I work as an educational trainer for a education company who specialise in delivering aspirational workshops to young people. This takes up a lot of my time – around 50 hrs a week. When I’m not in schools, delivering workshops, I’m usually working on the online marketing of our company in my home office.

I want to fully develop the following 3 ideas:

1. A service to assist bloggers getting online. This will include registering there chosen domain, supplying hosting, installing and setting up themes and plugins, a small bit of theme design, ongoing support and advice on running a successful blog via a free ebook.

2. A personal development book aimed at helping people to turn their lives around. This will be co-written with a friend of mine.

3. A set of online courses lasting around 6 weeks (6 instalments basically) helping people to goal set, achieve success in a particular area, or make a change in their lives.

My problem is time. With writing (and now recording) content, writing guest posts and regular articles for people like yourself, reading of other posts, commenting and general promotion while dealing with the load of my full time job I can’t seem to find the time to get to anything.

People may say I’m being lazy and that I need to sleep less or that I need to put more hours in after work but I’m also very conscious of wanting to spend time with my family.

I suppose I don’t know where to head to first. I’m not trying to work on all 3 of them at once or anything like that but I’m generally unsure which idea to run with first.

Any help would be very beneficial.

So, over to you then.

What do you think Ben should do first? What do you think he should focus on?

If you’d like to have your business problem shared, pleased use the
contact form and outline your problem.