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You never know what a blog will lead to

Paps ready for the Z listers
Creative Commons License photo credit: Foers

Yesterday I talked about how to monetise your blog. One of the things I said was that when you build a community on your website some unexpected things can happen.

A few weeks ago I was approached by a leading UK accounting recruiter to undertake a presentation at a regional leadership event. I presented on beyond business partnering. (A future post).

Why were we asked?

One of the reasons that we have this website is that it makes us stand out from our competitors. At the Big Red Tomato Company we provide Interim Management and Consultancy Services. Although we mainly specialise in the area of value management and cost reduction for large organisations, we also help bring about change in the finance team through reengineering the finance function. We also work with smaller organisations to help them achieve their vision and realise their objectives.

This website provides a resource to those clients when we move on and it lets potential clients know what services they can expect when we come on board.

It also helps us attract web based mentoring and small consulting projects.

What has your blog led to?

At the leadership meeting their were a number of interim managers who could have been asked to present, but I was asked because of the work on this site. It makes us different.

What has your blog led to?