Get unstuck and find the answers you need to move forward

Sometimes, you just don’t know which way to turn

– Maybe you have reached a plateau and need help to work out what to do next

– Maybe you need help on how to reduce your business expenses

– Perhaps you need help figuring out how to collect the money you’re owed faster

– Maybe you need help working out which option is the best way forward

– Perhaps you want to know how to sell on value instead of price

– Maybe you want some advice on how to attract more customers or clients

– Maybe you want actionable tactics, advice or strategies to move your business forward


These are just a few of the areas I can help you come unstuck and move  you an your business forward.

Low priced over-the-phone business brainstorming/consultancy

Sometimes, you don’t need a full on consulting project, but you do need advice about a problem you’re facing or you want to move your business to the next level and want to talk through your ideas.

Here’s how it works:

60 Minutes via Skype or on the phone – ask me whatever you want. We’ll talk through your ideas or problem show you a way forward.

Calls can be recorded on request so you can listen to it later.

In addition I’ll provide you a mind map, like the one below, covering the ideas we discussed in the call, so you can see exactly what you need to do to move forward. [click to make larger]


You can either book a single hour or multiple hours to have in one block or spread out over a few weeks.

Once you’ve booked your one hour consulting’ll be sent a link to a short form which asks some questions about what you do and what you’re trying to achieve, I don’t have to waste time asking you to explain and I have more time to help you.

Simply click the add to cart button and the number of hours you require and pay through paypal.


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