Gordon Ramsay, Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver are all famous chefs.

They all serve very different foods and they all have different styles.

They all have very successful businesses.

But the truth is thay there are lots of great chefs, so why is that you have heard of these chefs but you haven’t heard of the great chef around the corner from where you live?

Because these guys share. They share what they do, revealing the magic on TV in cookery programmes or magazine style daily shows. They tell you what ingredients they use, they tell you how to combine these ingredients and they tell you how and how long to cook them for. Sometimes they tell or show you where to buy the ingredients!

If TV programmes weren’t enough you can buy a cookbook with all the receipes in. In fact these types books dominate the UK non fiction lists!

In most businesses this would be akin to giving away the family silver – giving away the business secrets.

What these very succesful chefs know that you aren’t going to copy their receipes and open up a restaurant next door to them, putting them out of business.

Because to make a great restaurant it takes more than great food. And although these chefs share and tell you what they do, you’ll never be able to combine the great staff, the great service and the great ambience in exactly the same way as they do.

Because you aren’t them.

These chefs know, that their value increases the more they share.

Are you holding on to ‘secrets’ because you think other people might use them and if you shared what you know before long your competition will be stealing your lunch?

What can you learn here to apply in your business?

What could you share? This blog is my receipe book, what’s yours?

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