This is the 4th post in my ebook series How to Write an Ebook. You can can catch up with with the other posts in the series here.

In the earlier posts,  I wrote about; why ebooks, selecting your topic and getting started. In this post I’m going to cover:

Getting ready for launch

So, you’ve finished your ebook? Brilliant. How does it feel?  Before you crack open the champagne, you now need to start getting ready to launch your ebook.

Does it all make sense?

First of all, you want to make sure people can understand what you’ve written and that it contains no stupid gramatical errors or spelling mistakes – so get someone to read it, ideally a person from your target market.

Ask them for their feedback and make any necessary changes or corrections based on their feedback. It’s usually worthwhile getting a couple of people to do this for you, one a subject expert and one who knows nothing about the subject.

The Portable Document Format

The most common method for distributing ebooks is the Portable Document Format (PDF) because:

  • Smaller file size
  • More difficult for people to change your ebook
  • You can include a menu to aid navigation

PDF is an application by Adobe which although you will need if you want to make alterations to PDF’s you won’t need to create a PDF.

If you’re a Mac user you can go to file > print and click on the PDF button and select “Save as PDF“.

If you’re a PC user then you can do the same in your Word document, go to File > Print and see if you have the option to Print to PDF.  If it doesn’t allow you to print to PDF, check that you don’t have option to save the file as a PDF.

If you still can’t print to PDF – see if a friend  can do this for you or alternatively go to Elance or Odesk to find someone who can.

So how do I turn my ebook into a money making machine?

Art is clearly not my strong point. But I’ve jotted down how the process works.

As you look at the flow chart, you’ll note that you only appear once on the right of the flow chart. This is the ultimate passive income product. Whether you sell 1 or 1000 this process is entirely scalable.

Whilst there are loads of shopping cart systems out there, the one that I use and I know a lot of others do too (Darren Rowse of Problogger for one)  is E-Junkie .  Here’s why:

  • very easy to use
  • $5 a month with 7 day free trial
  • Fully integrates with many different payment services such as Paypal, Google Checkout, Clickbank, etc.
  • Customer support and online forums are excellent.
  • You can distribute your ebook through either your own servers or ejunkie’s
  • It fully integrates with Aweber (mailing list software)

Once you have your E-Junkie account set up you’re ready to rock.  Simply upload your ebook to E-Junkie and create a product, copy the links for either buy it now buttons or add to cart, paste them on your website and that’s pretty much it.  All that’s  left is to set the price and the automated email which will be sent to your buyer with the link for them to download the ebook from the E-Junkie servers and the cash will end up in your account.

How’s that for a passive money making machine?

My E-book update

Regular readers will know that I  started this series of posts as a means of motivating me to write my own ebook.  And it worked….Last week saw the pre-launch of my ebook for How to Achieve Your Dreams the Tomato Way – A step by step guide for entrepreneurs for goal setting to action taking.   I’m going to do a full post on the lessons I learn’t on this pre-launch as a follow up post in the next couple of weeks.

Is there anything you’d like to know about writing e-books which we haven’t yet covered? A few people have suggested that we put all this content into our own writing an ebook guide, if you think that would be useful add your comment below too.

So what do you think?

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