Many of us work with other people everyday either through joint ventures or using others as sounding boards at networking events or more formal mastermind groups. But if you think that you have all the advisers you need, I’m sorry but you’re wrong.

This is because the people who can help you most aren’t your peers, they are advisors. The people that can help you the most are consultants.  These are the people who will help you earn more money, save time, get more clients and push your business forward.

Many business people avoid consultants in the same way they avoid professional designers or lawyers. They prefer to go it alone thinking that they can’t afford them, learning what they need to know from books, blogs or by browsing the internet and ‘having a go’.

Whilst that can work, there is a major problem with this approach, which is that you often have to figure out how to apply that information you’ve leant to your business.  And if  the reason you didn’t hire a consultant in the first place is because you can’t afford it, as you’re short of money, then you’ll definitely be short of time too. Plus it’s unlikely that you don’t have the expertise you need to figure out the best way forward and use that information.  Therefore, chances are you’ll mess it up and make mistakes.

Mistakes cost you money.

This is why it’s better to hire a consultant.  A consultant’s job is to figure out the right strategy for your business. They are experts in their field and they know how to apply different principles to different businesses.  They can save you time and help you avoid those costly mistakes.

The fact of the matter is, is that consultants are going to make you more money.  A good consultant will generate a return many times more than the cost of the assignment – whether that’s new clients, reduced costs or more sales.

This is called investing in your business.

A consultant’s job is to help you get new clients, deliver new projects, generate new referrals and build your business – quickly. Business owners who put off hiring a consultant because they think they can’t afford one – are likely to take much longer to get the results they want. And don’t stop to think about what happens if the competition gets there before they do.

If the consultant could help the business owner implement a new strategy which makes an extra few thousand dollars every month, then that’s more than enough to pay for the consultant’s fee and still have cash to spare. And keep doing it every month.

The best bit though is that consultants can do this in a week. Sometimes a day. Sometimes even in just an hour.

Good consultants aren’t cheap. But business owners need to understand the difference between price and cost. Whilst many business will think that for the same price as hiring a consultant they could buy a large screen TV  or go on a holiday. They fail to consider  how much will it cost not to grow the business, not to increase sales or not reduce costs.

Remember: A consultant’s  advice is designed to make you more money. The consultant’s aim is to bring you a great return on investment, quickly.

Consultants specialise in taking your fee and turning it into much bigger amount – not just once, but many times over – and with a lot less effort and much faster than you could trying to figure it out on your own.

Just imagine the size of your TV or the holiday you could go on then?


Newsflash! Most consultants can give you tangible results in a single session. A one hour consulting session gives you loads of ideas and suggestions for a one off low fee.

Even bigger projects which may need checking in with a consultant on an ongoing basis need not be a big expense. Between you and the consultant you can work out a schedule and billing cycle to suit you both.

If you really can’t afford to hire a consultant right now, then make it a goal to hire one  soon. Start setting aside 10% of your earnings from every project you work on. Even if you work on $5 articles, you can use this method. Start building up that pot of money to hire an expert.

Then hire one. And you’ll find out that their advice was worth every penny – because your profits will increase and your business will grow.

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