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Just over a year ago I spent a lot of time driving. To pass the time, like many people do, I listened to the radio. Day after day of travelling at the same time made me realise that the content was broadly very similar, only changing every half hour or so when the news came on. So I switched to the music on my iPod.

But even with several thousand songs on my iPod, invariably I was shuffling backwards or forwards to repeat a song or miss songs out.

After a while I switched to a news/current affairs radio station instead. Whilst I learned a lot of interesting things, very little of it was actually any use to me or helped me in growing my business.

I then got thinking that if I was spending 10-20 hours a week in the car, just imagine if I could actually learn something that might be of use to me which could help me in getting more clients, building my business or making more money. So that’s when I started listening to Podcasts on a regular basis.

For the uninitiated, Podcasts are basically a recorded audio or video files delivered as “episodes” that can be subscribed to or downloaded onto your desktop of mobile device. One of the most common ways of subscribing to Podcasts is via iTunes.

There’s literally 1000’s of podcasts on iTunes and across the web. Some of which are updated regularly and some are updated infrequently. Some of which have a few episodes and have died a death but are still available for download (and may contain good information, even if it’s not updated).

Over the months I’ve listened to dozens of business related podcasts (all of which are free) some of which I subscribed too (ie I get the next episode when it comes out) and others I’ve never listened to again.

I’ve now build up a list of the top business related podcasts which will help inspire you in getting more clients for your business or help you make more money, I’ve also listed the average length of each Podcast so you can schedule where you listen to them.  All of these podcasts are FREE:

Here you go:

1. Mixergy Podcast by Andrew Warner is without doubt the number one business podcast in my mind. It consists of  interviews (about 2-3 a week) with entrepreneurs (mainly from technology companies) about how they built their businesses, the lessons they learned and what they would have done differently with hindsight. Andrew Warner asks all the questions you’d love to know, but are probably to shy to ask.  He asks awkward questions like; ” how did you feel when that happened? “, “how much did you make from the sale of your business?”, “what’s your tunover?, are you profitable?”.   Due to the quality and number of the interviews that Andrew’s done (over 700+ ), interviewees are surprisingly open in sharing such information.   Time Allowance 1 hour

2. Marketing Over Coffee Podcast by Christopher Penn and John Wall is a discussion podcast about marketing, social media and branding. They essentially broadcast their podcast from a coffee shop (hence the name!) and discuss the marketing activities that they’ve seen, disecting the effectiveness of campaigns or ideas. Magazine style and very easy listening. Typically covering a lot of ideas, such as book review, conferences and events in each episode. On occasion there’s interviews with marketeers from big business who share their thoughts about campaigns for thier business or the work they are doing. For example on the 19th July 2012 they interviewed Scott Monty from Ford talking about the use of social media in marketing cars. Time Allowance: 30 minutes

3. Coach Radio Podcast whilst the title might imply this is just for coaches, its actually teaches businesses how to get better. Coach Radio by Justin Lukasavage covers a vast aray of topics mainly focusing on a subject at a time (so you might want to be selective in what episodes you listen to)  Topics covered range from “how to deal with a loss of income” to “things to outsource”.  Topics are indepth and actionable. Time Allowance 30 minutes

4. The Rise To The Top Podcast  I “ummed and ahhhed” about including this podcast by David Siteman Garland.  David has a high energy excitable puppy dog style which means that he sometimes speaks more than he allows his guests to do.  Overall though, on balance, he interviews some interesting entrepreneurs.  Having listened to the podcast for a while now, it’s gone through a few changes and now focuses on entrepreneurs making a living on the internet. It’s essentially an internet chat show with entrepreneurs, which works well. It’s not as indepth as Mixergy but nevertheless it’s worth listening too. I usually listen to this podcast in the gym as it flows along nicely and is often quite funny.  Time Allowance 45 minutes

5. The Marketing Show Podcast by Clay Collins (and sometimes James Lepine) is a single topic tutorial on an aspect of internet marketing. Sometimes Clay takes a website and disects what works or what doesn’t, othertimes he talks about choosing a subject title for your email campaign. More recently he’s started interviewing successful internet marketeers, so you can learn lessons from them.  Clay is an accomplished internet marketeer having been in the business over 10 years, the stuff he talks about is proven and very actionable. These are generally very short podcasts (apart from the interviews) so you might want to bunch a few together to listen to. Time Allowance 15 minutes

6. Virtual Business Lifestyle Podcast by Chris Ducker is another interview based podcast and hasn’t been updated for a while now and I’m not sure whether there will be any more as Chris is moving his focus onto his personal website. However, there are 50 episodes (including one with yours truly) which stand on their own and are worth downloading. Chris has an easy going style and asks practical questions which can pretty much be applied to any any business or situation.   Some of the earlier episodes are between 45-60 minutes and the later ones about 30 minutes. Personally I think the earlier ones are better as there’s more content, but nevertheless there’s something to pick up from all of them. Time Allowance 30-60 minutes

7. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast   by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing is a recent discovery for me. I have been a regular reader of his popular blog, but for some reason I’d never listened to a podcast.  One of the benefits of having a hugely successful Small Business Marketing Blog and over 20k+ people in your Google circles is that you can attract big names for the interviews. John has interviewed authors including Chris Guillebeau and Ryan Halliday and offers up some really good insights to implementing the authors ideas.  Time Allowance 30 minutes

8. Matthew Kimberley’s Client Getting Clinic – a very new podcast (5 episodes in at the time of writing) by my good friend Matthew Kimberley. Matthew is a very funny guy (must be a first name thing) and the podcast takes a Q&A format in that audience members contact him by phone or via the web and he answers their client getting queries. Essentially aimed at coaches, but the lessons he shares (such as follow up strategies) apply to any business owner who provide services to clients.  Good fun and with practical tips, Matthew’s “prescriptions” can be implemented in your business, quickly and easily. Time allowance up to 60 minutes

These are the podcasts that I find useful to me in growing my business, but what about you? Any podcasts you’ve heard that are worth sharing?

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