This weekend saw the release of the trailer for JJ Abram’s instalment of the highly anticipated Star Wars saga.

Fan excitement has been mounting ever since it was announced back in January 2013 that J.J. Abrams, director of the acclaimed 2009 remake of Star Trek, had been signed on to oversee the first film in the final trilogy.

Star Wars The Force Awakens will mark the first film produced since Disney purchased Lucas Film for $4bn back in October 2012.



Within hours of the trailer’s release, parodies of the trailer started to hit the social networks.

Fan’s took action to create their own tribute to the JJ Abram’s original.

One of the first is a home made version made from Lego and uploaded to YouTube by user SnooperKing.

He took action.



SnooperKing got this uploaded to YouTube, less than 24 hours after the official trailer aired.  He could have spent weeks perfecting his video.

But he didn’t.

Instead he took action and he shipped.

If he had spent weeks perfecting it, then he wouldn’t have been first and hundreds of thousands of people wouldn’t have shared it.


Real artists ship

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)


Whatever it is you’re thinking of doing, do it.

It might not be perfect, it might not be the final version, but no one gets the chance to see what you’ve made until you’ve shipped.

This post for example could have been a thousand words long, but it isn’t because if it was, it wouldn’t have been timely and then it might not have shipped.

Your million dollar business idea is worth exactly nothing if you don’t do anything with it.  You don’t start making money until you implement.

Take action, get results.

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