How to Make Your Business Plan Lift Off

The Step by Step Guide To Writing A Successful Business Plan

“If you’re an entrepreneur and getting ready to lunch your own business, this is a great book at a cheap price to make sure you have everything covered. It covers everything from why you need a business plan, to how to write one, and even financials and pitfalls. Highly recommended!”    – Amazon Review

How To Make Your Business Plan Lift Off – isn’t just for start ups. It’s a how to guide for business owners and managers to create business plans that actually work.
Consultant, business owner, author and blogger Matthew Needham takes you from identifying why you need a business plan for your business to pointing you in the right direction so that you avoid any pitfalls.
Matthew demystifies common business terms and concepts to give you a clear understanding of what these terms mean and more importantly, how you can use the  concepts to rapidly build and grow your business. 
Whether you’re looking to attract investors attention and raise investment for your business, or selling a proposal to sceptical board, How To Make Your Business Plan lift off will show you how to structure your plan and what to include for your specific audience. It is jam packed with helpful resources and templates to literally help you make your business lift off.
Why do you need a business plan? – First things first, what do you actually need a business plan for?   Whatever your need, getting yourself organised for starting your business, raising finance or selling an idea to your board – or simply how you’re going to get from a to b.
Different types of business plans – once you know what you want to use your plan for, you can pick the plan format and content for your needs. (for example a plan on a page)
Building your business plan – all the components you need to build your business case to get the results you want.
Useful resources – Down load templates you can use to create your plan.
Executing on your plan – once you’ve built your business plan it’s no good to you if you leave it on the shelf or in your computer gathering electronic dust.
“A great book, which gets to the key focus areas without any of the excess fluff. I read the book not to help with a new business plan, but to get ideas for how to take my current business, which is still in relative early stages, to the next level and it has really helped me to refocus. It has already made inspired me to implement some new ideas [this year] and going forwards I will be writing a new business plan every 6 months to keep re-focussing. I also loved the use of the Mike Tyson quote” – Amazon Review
Get Matthew Needham’s step by step guide for creating business plans that get results. Buy your copy of How To Make Your Business Plan Lift Off on Amazon.

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