Business coaching

What does a business coach do?

As a business coach, “what does a business coach do?” is one of the most common questions I get asked.

Put simply, a business coach works with the business owner or manager to take the business from where it is now, to where they want it to be.

As a business coach, I usually work with the business owner, but sometimes individual managers or the management team.

A business coach provides clarity

Often a business owner faces a situation where they don’t know what to do.

I will help provide the business owner/manager with clarity, by helping them to see the problem from different perspectives, so that the best course of and time action can be taken, with the resources available.

Often it’s training a business owner to be a business owner.

As a business coach I will help the business owner shape their vision for the business and how that vision fits in with their personal goals.

But more importantly help the business owner make that vision reality.

A business coach provides accountability

Once a course of action has been agreed, the business coach drives performance by helping to keep the business owner on track through regular accountability calls or emails.

Most business owners I work with are probably like you. Busy people, leading busy lives. Kids, partners, bills to pay, customers to keep happy.

A lot on. Often times, the time the business owner spend with me is the only time they have that week to actually work on their business, rather than in it.

Reviewing actions and keeping the business owner to account helps the business owner to actually grow their business, put in systems and ultimately giving them more freedom.

Many business owners start their businesses with dreams of freedom, holidays in the Caribbean and drinking pina coladas.

Very quickly the reality fails to meet the dream.

A business coach helps you create a business

Many business owners find that rather than running a business, they have created a job.

At times, a job they begin to hate.

So, rather than a business owner resenting their business, as a business coach, I will help the business owner create a business that works without them.

Through systems, processes and savvy marketing, sometimes this can be in a one hour consulting session to help move the business owner forward, other times it’s an ongoing coaching relationship over a few weeks or months to build a 7 figure business.

Technically a coach, mentor and consultant are different roles, but as a business coach, I often provide all 3. I do this by sharing experiences, offering insights and helping you shape you the business owner shape your goals and action plans.

A business coach will help you work less and earn more

To find out more about the services I offer business owners to grow their business, work less and earn more, click here to find out more.

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