Grow Your Business In Just 60 minutes

How would you like to grow your business in just 60 minutes with a one hour consulting/brainstorming session?

If you want to know exactly what’s holding your business back from making the sort of money you want it to make, I can help you.

  • In fact I can show you with a personal action plan to grow your business, showing you not only the areas that need improvement, but exactly how to change them.

Maybe you are:

  • struggling to get more clients and selling more products/services
  • struggling to reduce your costs
  • finding more time to work on your business
  • need honest feedback on your website

or simply looking to brainstorm ideas, andyou want a complete step by step plan to show you how to take things forward, then keep reading:

I’m Matthew Needham, I help business owners, like you, grow their businesses by reducing costs, doing things better and selling more products. I am a qualified accountant, professional interim manager, business coach and consultant, and have spent nearly 20 years working with some of the world’s biggest and smallest businesses. I don’t do theory.

The advice I give you will be based on real world experiences and application of  practical techniques to identify your business problems – and get results.

1)  first step in solving your business problem and growing your business is completing a short questionnaire detailing the objectives for your business and the steps you’re taking to achieve them. This should take you no more than 60 minutes depending on how well developed your plans are. Once I’ve got all that information from you….I’ll review your business goals in detail and the steps you’re taking to achieve them.

2) Then I’ll  schedule a call via Skype where we can talk through your problems or ideas in more detail so that we can come up with a solution that will be right for you.

Then finally:

3) I’ll create a personalised mind map telling you everything I’ve discovered from the questionnaire and the call and the steps you need to take to solve your business problem or take forward your ideas. I’ll then summarise the mind map into an easy to follow action plan that you can use right away to improve the performance of your business.



With the mind map and action plan in hand, you’ll have everything you need to improve the performance of your business – fast.

One Hour Brainstorms/Consulting sessions are on a first come first served basis, so if you’re in a hurry, then you’ll need to act fast.

If you want to know exactly what you need to do to improve the performance of your business without having to pay a high priced business advisor, or make a long term commitment,  then this has got to be a great option for you.

If you do decide you want want to make a longer term commitment then the fee you pay for this session will be deducted from a coaching package.

I’ll explain everything you need to know about improving the performance of your business in a mind map and action plan – so you won’t need to decipher notes or work out what to do next. It will be all laid out for you, step by step.

To book a one hour brainstorm or consulting slot, first  purchase your slot by clicking the ‘add to cart’ button below. Once you’ve paid for your hour, you’ll be then sent a questionnaire for you to complete, telling us all about your business and what you’ve tried so far. Following receipt of that questionnaire we will then schedule a mutually convenient time to talk through your problem or ideas and help set you on the right track.

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