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10 businesses you can start in your pyjamas

Wouldn’t it be great if you could replace your daily commute with a simple trip to your spare room.
Here are 10 business ideas which you could start in your pyjamas.

1. Become a virtual assistant

Sites such as people per hour and Elance offer the ability for individuals to bid for work such as data entry making PowerPoint presentations or programming activity. You can register as a service provider and bid for jobs posted on these sites. Like on E-bay, your feedback scores are important in order to win more jobs, especially when competing with workers in low cost countries.

2. Affiliate marketing

Using sites such as clickbank, you can sign up as an affiliate and promote products of other companies and earn a referral fee from products sold on your website.

3. E-bay Store

E-bay is not just a site for selling your unwanted Christmas gifts or clearing out your wardrobe. Many people make a living selling goods via an E-bay store – ideal products for selling in this manner are items which are relatively low cost £10-20 ($20-40) and very light for postage.

4. Consulting – Advice Provision

Is there some specialist knowledge that you have that other people might be willing to pay for? Do you have subject knowledge or industry expertise? You would be surprised what you know that you take for granted, others would be willing to pay for advice on that area of expertise. Maybe you’ve worked in an customer service role in a large company. A smaller company may be willing to pay for your knowledge if they are setting up a customer service team.

5. Subscription Newsletter

If you have a knack of picking stocks/shares which consistently give returns, or you’re an expert at picking winning horses, then many people would be willing to pay you. Simply set up a subscription based newsletter and market it using ad-words or by word of mouth by giving it away free for a few months.

6. Web designer

If you have web development skills then you could sell your services doing web design for others via sites such as Elance or Guru. Again, good feedback is key to getting more business and you may face competition from lower cost overseas developers.

7. CV / Resume writer

If you can use Word then you could promote yourself as a CV / Resume writer and promote your services on Elance or People Per Hour.

8. Accounts Recievable / Debt Collection

By contacting local firms you could agree to follow up thier old debt by contacting customers who have not paid, taking legal action if necessary to recover outstanding debt or a profit sharing basis (eg 50% of recovered debt)

9. Graphic Design

Similar to the web designer in 6 above, if you’ve got design skills or have expertise in products such as Photoshop then you can promite your services on Elance or Guru to organisations who don’t have those skills.

10. Write an e-book

If you have specialist knowledge, other people may be willing to pay for it in an e-book. E-books are increasingly popular ways of delivering how to knowledge and score over traditional text books as they are frequently written by people who have ‘been there, done it’.

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