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1000 True Fans part 2

1000 Thousand Dollars by
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In the first part of this two part post we looked at how to grow your revenue via the concept of 1000 True Fans. In this post we focus on how to get 1000 True Fans.

Wikipedia defines a fan as:

someone who has an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking and enthusiasm for a sporting club, person (usually a celebrity), group of persons, company, product, activity, work of art, idea, or trend.

So how do you as a website / business owner get fans?

You get fans by lots of hardwork, but essentially this means connecting with people using the following 4 step process.

1. Write lots of content

Write lots of content that your target market is going to be interested in. Stuff that they need to know, giving them reasons to come back and visit your site. Make the content interesting but more importantly make it useful. Update your site regularly so there is always lots of fresh content.

2. Hang out with your potential customers

Be where your customers are. Find out what websites your potential customers hang out on and make sure you go there too. If you don’t know what sites they like. Make a point of asking them, through say an online poll or ask your visitors through a post what other sites they visit or email the people who comment on your site and ask them for their advice. Connect with people.

Also you need to comment on the blog posts where your potential customers hang out and as many relevant sites as you can find.

Another great way to generate visitors is by submitting guest posts to these sites and others. My good friend James Richmond at theinfopreneur recommends that you comment on 20 blogs a day. Make sure you do too. But don’t go putting nice post as your comment. Put something meaningful and give insight. Don’t just try and promote your products.

Be out there. Make sure your potential customers know your name and recognise your style. However, be yourself style wise, don’t be influenced too much by others.

3. Add lot’s of value

The best way of adding value to your visitors is to answer your readers specific questions. Which you can do by inviting readings to ask questions and post the responses on your site.

4. Promote

Step 4 is the culmination of all your hard work, make sure that people know all about it. Write and promote, write and promote. Post to Twitter, Facebook, everywhere you can. Make sure that people know all about your content.
Finally, you need to capitalise on this content. You need to get your new visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or RSS feed (What is RSS?)

For the management of my newsletters I use Aweber email management which has a whole host of templates which can be customised to your needs and the facility to automatically email newsletters or messages at predetermined times.

There are other email managment tools out there, but Aweber is the tool that powers a number of the big blogs.

Once you have your fans though, don’t give them the hard sell, continue to add value in your communications and treat your fans well. Every 4-5 communications you can promote your product or service, but don’t over do it!

For more information visit and sign up to the free tutorial – 7 days to better traffic.

Can this work for you?