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Articles in Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Getting More Clients For Your Web Design Business
Monday, 13 May, 2013 – 13:11 | Comments Off
The Ultimate Guide To Getting More Clients For Your Web Design Business

  Growing a business takes time and effort.  It takes consistent delivery of quality work and happy clients referring more clients to you. The hardest part for growing your business is in finding a steady stream of leads and prospects to be wowed by your web design skills.  This guide will kick your business prospecting […]

What’s in a name? The Story Behind The Big Red Tomato Company
Tuesday, 26 Mar, 2013 – 0:00 | 2 Comments
What’s in a name? The Story Behind The Big Red Tomato Company

The question I am most asked is why is The Big Red Tomato Company called The Big Red Tomato Company? After all, we aren’t big, we aren’t red and we don’t grow (or sell!) tomatoes. This is the story behind why the Big Red Tomato Company is called the Big Red Tomato Company.

How to Increase Your Hourly Rate By $115,000 an hour
Wednesday, 27 Feb, 2013 – 12:00 | Comments Off

Framing changes everything If you ate at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant at Royal Hospital Road, in London, you’d expect to pay around £200 (US$300) for a meal for two including wine and service.  Dining at the 3 Michelin Star restaurant, you’d probably have the finest meal you’d ever had. If on the other hand Gordon Ramsay […]

18 Ways To Get More Clients For Your Business
Thursday, 24 Jan, 2013 – 11:22 | Comments Off
18 Ways To Get More Clients For Your Business

Would you like more clients for your business? Get your copy of my guide for free.       Get more clients for your web design business (also works for other businesses too) is a practical guide with actionable advice you can implement right now to grow your business.     I’d really appreciate if […]

How To Make Your Business Standout
Thursday, 15 Nov, 2012 – 6:00 | Comments Off

Let’s face it, business today is tough. And nothing is tougher than making your business standout and be heard, so that your prospective customers spend money with you and not your competition. But the challenge is being heard above all that noise your competitiors are making, and as you know if you’re not being heard, […]

8 Client Getting Podcasts You Should Be Listening To
Monday, 29 Oct, 2012 – 6:00 | Comments Off

Just over a year ago I spent a lot of time driving. To pass the time, like many people do, I listened to the radio. Day after day of travelling at the same time made me realise that the content was broadly very similar, only changing every half hour or so when the news came on. […]

Getting More Clients: Keeping Your Existing Customers Engaged
Wednesday, 1 Aug, 2012 – 6:30 | One Comment

I obsess about getting more clients. Not because I necessarily need to get more clients myself, but because it’s  the number one request I get from my own clients for advice to grow their businesses. Fundamentally there are 3 ways to grow your business: 1) Sell more of your existing products 2) Create and sell new products […]

Getting More Clients: How To Identify Your Ideal Customer
Wednesday, 25 Jul, 2012 – 6:00 | 2 Comments

I have been working with a client who was looking to grow her business by getting more clients. She believed that her typical client was a mid 30’s female, marrried or in a long term relationship and intrested in interior design. It turned out that her biggest spending clients were actually recently single males in […]