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Discussion Post: What’s The Biggest Problem Facing Your Business?

This is  the first discussion post on The Big Red Tomato Company and we’d really value your input.

Being a business owner is very much like navigating a ship through an ice field. Some of the icebergs in the icefield can be seen floating on the surface, but what can’t be seen is the amount and size of the  iceberg floating below the surface, waiting to rip holes in the side of your ship and sink it.

Whilst business owners don’t generally operate in an icefield, they will recognise that some problems floating in front of them are so large (for example the state of the economy) that they can attempt to steer away from them by taking action (for example lowering prices, having a sale etc)

But what business can’t alwasys see are the problems lurking just below the surface. Sometimes they know they are there like the competition, sometimes they “appear” like a new entrant to the market. So,  just as ships have developed sophisticated radar to guide them through the icefield, your business need to develop insight and plan for all sorts of eventualities.

Over to you

If you’re a business owner, I’d really appreciate you taking the time to share in the comments section below how you manage if you could share some of the problems facing your business and how you get around them in the comments section below.

What information do you use?

What tools do you use?

All business face problems, but right now, what’s the biggest problem facing your business?

What metrics or indicators, financial or non financial do you use to identify problems or opportunities before they aris