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Everything starts with listening

Today I am delighted to welcome back to BRT Jill Chivers from I’m Listening Now with to talk about the power of listening.

In case you don’t know Jill she’s an Australia based Corporate Faciliator and author, please do check out her site or follow her on Twitter @JillChivers

Jill is today’s Friday Follow #FF, over to you Jill:

To motivate, you first need to listen.  To your people and who they are, what they want, and for clues on their motivational buttons.

To lead, you first need to listen.  To customers, to staff, to suppliers.  What can be done, what can’t, and what envelopes can truly be pushed.

To parent, you first need to listen.  To what your child is really saying, not what you think they should be saying.

To sell, you first need to listen.  To your competitors, to your customers, and to what the marketplace wants to buy and how.

To forgive, you first need to listen.  To what it is that needs to be forgiven, to the depth-less place inside of us that allows forgiveness to happen.

To heal, you first need to listen.  To your body and its wisdom and to the healing hands of those helping you.

To let go, you first need to listen.  To that clear and quiet voice that says “you’ll be ok”, and to your heart which says “you’ll recover”.

To learn, you first need to listen.  To your teachers, to your ignorance and to the learning spirit that yearns for more.

To love, you first need to listen.  To what is really being said, not what you wish was being said. To who they’re really being, not who you wish they were.

To create, you first need to listen.  To your heart, your soul, to what your spirit is crying out to do.

To live, you first need to listen.  To the laughter, the possibilities, and the persistent whispers of joy.

Everything starts with listening.

What about you? What has started with listening for you?  Let us know in the comments.

About the Author: Australian Jill Chivers is fascinated by the power and magic of listening in everyday lives.  Learn more by visiting her website where you can also sign-up to her weekly ezine.  You can also follow Jill on Twitter @JillChivers.