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How to Fund a baby or any other dream

How To Fund Your Baby or Any Other Dream

Maren Kate writer at Escaping the 9 to 5 inspired this post. Maren ran a promotion on her services to fund her Escape to Europe plan.

I don’t plan to travel to Europe this summer. My wife and I have a much bigger project, which will last for the rest of our lives! The picture above may give you a clue!

In fact, today is our little boy’s due date. Maybe he will be born by the time that you read this post maybe he will be keeping us waiting. Either way, whenever he arrives our lives are unlikely to be the same again.

Mostly when I work with clients I work on clients sites. However, I’m trying to change the direction of The Big Red Tomato Company with the development of this blog the plan is a move to create a mix between physical and online income, so that I can spend more time at home and help my wife with the new baby.

This post is about options for making money from your site:

Write an eBook

Writing an e-book is probably the most common way of monetising your blog. Indeed, I’ll be launching one on Monday!

A lot of people overlook this thinking that the market is overly dominated, but the truth is that whilst internet marketing maybe done to death, there’s plenty of opportunities if you look hard enough (check the posts on how to write an ebook)

Become an Affiliate

If writing an ebook is too much like hard work (or you want to monetise quickly whilst you write an ebook or create another product) then becoming an affiliate could be a good option for you.

An affiliate is someone who promotes a product on someone else’s behalf and earns a commission on each sale.  If you’ve got a big email list or maybe you want to do a review of the product on your blog then you can use this as a platform to promote the product.  Affiliate marketing is a big earner for Darren Rowse over at, maybe it could be for you too?

To find products you want to promote check out services like E-Junkie and Clickbank then search key words for the type of products you’re looking to promote.

If you want to get involved in our launch you can sign up as an affiliate here (we’re paying 51% commission on every copy sold)

Membership site

If you’re looking for a passive income then creating a membership site is probably one of the most attractive business models for entrepreneurs as it’s a mechanism for creating monthly recurring income.

For example say you charge $10 a month and you attract 200 members. That’s $2000 for the first month. Then say you attract 300 in the second month that would be $3,000. But, you’ve still got the members from the first month, that’s $5,000 a month – every month…

Sure, you’ll loose some members each month, but you’ll attract new ones too.

Think this wouldn’t work?

Look at 1000’s of members paying $5.95 a month.

Sell something online

Could you sell something physical from your website?  Tim Ferris author of the best selling book The 4-hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich funded his passive income lifestyle from selling sports supplements and speed reading courses What could you sell?

Become a consultant/perform a service

Could you sell yourself to others online by providing advice on a particular subject? For example could you be a web designer or advise on the use of social media?

Sell a course

Could the skills you have be put into a course and delivered online, for example: Chris Guillebeau has his Empire Building Kit,  Clay Collins from Project Mojave has the Interactive Offer , David Risley has his Inner Circle – could you deliver a course by email or deliver webinars either online or by email?

So what do you think – How do you intend to make an income from your blog or website?