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Is your business a bunny?

Cute Asian Chick in a Bunny Costume

Creative Commons License photo credit: joanna8555

On a Friday we feature a guest post post by a cool person changing the world one step at a time. One such person is Eleanor Edwards who quite literally is looking to change the world and spread a little happiness with her charity

Today’s Friday Follow (#FF) is Eleanor Edwards. You can follow Eleanor on Twitter at either Giveabrick or HeavenandEl

Over to you Eleanor:

On Saturday afternoon, for the first time in over 20 years, I went for a bike ride. The new contraption arrived with the postman and, after wrestling with the gears, seat and front wheel for three hours, I was finally ready for my first solo flight.

All went well. Yes, I was a little wobbly, corners were terrifying and I lost several layers of skin off the back of my right heel after a fight with the pedal. But I didn’t fall off and no animals were injured so, for a first attempt, that was good enough for me.

However, as I wound my merry way home, up in the distance I saw something completely unexpected. You know how things look a bit odd when they’re a long way off? And as you get a little closer, the scene starts to look clearer?

Up in the distance I saw two figures on bikes. The one on the left was wearing a black leotard and little else apparently. As the space between us shortened, it became obvious that the leotard was in fact accompanied by black fish net tights and closer still, I could make out a white bunny tail and ears.

You have a picture in your mind now don’t you? Is she hot? With the usual clichĂ©d gorgeous flowing locks?

As I got even closer I could hear snippets of conversation. This bunny’s voice was at least an octave lower than the character in your head. With Saturday afternoon stubble and strong, firm looking calves, the proverbial penny finally dropped.

Right about now you’d be forgiven for wondering what this curious ensemble has to do with your business. Isn’t The Big Red Tomato Company the place for important how to techniques, practical tips and other serious business type stuff?

Of course. But stick with it. I haven’t told you about the guy on the right yet.

Are you ready?


OK, here goes:

He was male. And was wearing a deep red velvety type number.

And? That’s it. I can remember nothing more about this gent. I was too taken with the duel effort of processing the bunny and not falling off my bike!

I’m sure he thought he looked great and spiffy and worthy of a cheeky smirk but on this particular Saturday afternoon he paled into insignificance beside his bunny clad pal.

Is your business a bunny? When people see your stuff, what do they remember?

This information super highway of ours is a busy place. Your people are busy folk, easily distracted and often, more focussed on doing their thing (like not falling off their bike!) than remembering your USP.

I’ll bet you think your stuff is pretty special don’t you? You may have spent your hard earned cash on paying someone else to get it looking lush and reading like the greatest epic known to human kind. Or if you’re the creative type (or on a tight budget), you’ll have invested precious moments of your life writing stunning content, learning new skills and prettying it up yourself.

However it came to be, it’s your baby and you love it.

But here’s the killer: if you’re baby’s not a bunny, it’ll be instantly forgotten.

You don’t have to dress yours in fish nets and a pair of ears but you do need to find the thing that makes you you and share it with the world.

Gone are the days of boring, bland, beige landscapes of sameness. Thanks to the playing field leveller of social media, you don’t need oodles of cash and an A-list address book to be successful.

But, if you’re going to get heard in this noisy arena, you need to first get noticed. And that starts with injecting your personality into your business. Find your thing and start painting your business with all the beautiful technicolour of your life.

Unless you’re HRH The Queen (and if you are, greetings your majesty. Might I take this opportunity to ask you to Give A Brick?) throw out the rule book and start telling the stories of your business in your own words.

Your business is fantastic. It excites you and wakes you up in the middle of the night with new ideas and exciting options. These are the ears and tail that make your bunny special so instead of being a chicken and leaving the ears on your bed side table, be a bunny and before you know it you’ll have customers hopping their way over to your place ready to invest their carrots in you.

Eleanor Edwards is the founder of UK registered charity Give A Brick where she is working to empower unconditional love whilst on her personal blog, Heaven and El, she’s on a mission to spread happiness and rid the world of boring words. Say hello to her on Twitter, subscribe to her RSS feed or even just Give A Brick via Paypal. Whatever you do, just smile. It’s Eleanor’s favourite currency.


  • Ben said:

    This is a great analogy El. Our businesses are special and we need to nurture that uniqueness.

    The analogy seems to work the other way too though doesn’t it? If parts of your business are leopards but your marketing yourself as a mouse it can build distrust with your clientbase

  • Eleanor Edwards said:

    That’s a very good point Ben. But who wants to do business with a snarly old leopard? That’s probably why the grumpy, cross businesses out there struggle to build great rapport with their customers. I guess consistency is important.

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  • Karen said:

    Hi El,

    You’ve crafted quite a picture of you biking towards the two characters. I wonder where they were going – was it to a costume party?

    You’ve brought up a great point about USP. That’s how I’m starting to feel when I visit the same ho-hum minimalist, all-white, same-ole blogs. They seem so drab and uninspiring. Give me a touch of colour – some oomph, some design elements, some contrasts. You don’t have to be the best designer or blogger in the world, but you have to have a personality and it should shine through.

    I wish more people would keep this in mind.

    Good for you for picking up a bike after so many years. But, why did it come by mail? Why didn’t you go to the store and pick one up?


  • Eleanor Edwards said:

    Hi Karen 🙂
    Same old, same old really does my head in too. I would love everyone to have a place that was just them, inside and out. A place that could reflect who they really are instead of the ‘norm’ that they think they are meant to be portraying. I think once you find your look, you sort of know but until then, it just doesn’t sit right.

    As for the bikers, yep, it was late on a Saturday afternoon so I’m guessing it was a party they were headed for. Hope they didn’t cycle home later!

    I got the bike via home delivery because it was the cheapest way to get one. To be fair, it was in a big van rather than with the post man but the assembly was crazy!

  • Peter Beckenham said:

    Hi Matthew,

    Been a while since my last visit but as always I got some great value mixed with your superb sense of humour! Always a pleasure to visit with you mate.

    Hey and thanks for the link to “Give me a Brick” – sounds like just the site I will love. Will check it out as soon as I finish this comment.

    USP is a critical thing and something I have been grappling with lately. Actually my dad told me many years ago that the secret to success in business was in a photograph he handed to me for my 20th birthday! I still have it and it was true.

    You know what the photo was?……a bowl of green apples with a red one perched on top..the caption said simply…”Be different”

    Awesome post with very clever analogies Matthew…well done mate.

    my best wishes

  • El Edwards said:

    Hi Peter,
    I’m El, from Give A Brick. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your kind words and for donating. Very, very kind.

    I’m glad you liked this piece too. Not wanting to take anything away from Matthew’s posts (they’re always great) but this little offering came from my fair fingers. It was a guest post I did for him a couple of Fridays ago. I loved writing it so getting such warm feedback is lovely.

    It’s wonderful to meet you and I look forward to checking out the awesome stuff you’re doing.

  • Christine Livingston said:

    Hi El,

    Great story! I could just visualise the man in tights!!!

    I’m trying to sharpen my USP at the moment and add a little pzazz to the mix of what I’m putting out there. Sticking with the metaphor, I’m not sure I suit fishnets, but the picture has definitely got me thinking. I feel another conversation coming on!

  • Savings Sally said:

    Interesting analogy. I like it. But I still find myself wondering what these two guys were doing out in such outlandish costumes…

  • El Edwards said:

    I can only offer pure supposition but I wondered if they were off to a stag party? Had I not been on my bike, I’d have stopped and asked them. The funny thing was, they were pottering along have a lovely, relaxing chat. It was truly bizarre.

  • Matthew Needham said:

    Good deduction Miss Marple!